Posted by: the warrioress | December 3, 2014



I am outraged and horrified at yet another outright murder by police officers of yet another black American! I took note of this murder the night that the killing of Michael Brown was dismissed by the grand jury. Eric Garner was a gentle giant of a man whose murder was caught live on video. Unfortunately, yet another murder is dismissed, the murderer given impunity!

What is happening to this society? How can absolute murder be called anything but what it is? Obviously, filming the police in the act of murder doesn’t make any difference! I am sickened by what is occurring in our country on a consistent basis; I pray to God that something can be done to stop these heinous acts of violence and apparent racial profiling/discrimination.


God does not approve. Jesus Christ is watching these matters play out day after day. We must, as observers of these travesties of justice, speak up and speak out! We must protest these kinds of actions by those in authority who are paid to serve and protect! Enough is enough. Not one more!

Eric Garner cried out eight times that he could not breathe! What if that was your child, brother, father? Would you speak out then? This must stop. All people who value life must speak up and speak out. God, I beg of you to stop this police brutality against innocent civilian Americans. Please prevent those who we trust from harming one more person. Put this outrage into the hearts of all, in the name of Jesus and make these crimes of hate stop.


  1. The senseless killing of anyone, black or white, by our police officers is wrong. Padding the grand juries with an imbalance of the community is also wrong. In both cases you mentioned the grand juries were not pick to represent the blend of the community.
    But Congress is also part of the blame, they have made laws that practically give an officer a license to kill for the burden of prove is tilted to where an officer has more rights than the suspect and his word has more weight. There are good and bad police officers out there, the problem is all the bad is getting the coverage. Now when police officers ask why the community does not trust them , there are many reasons to point at.

  2. The definition of a Martyr is a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. Please explain why you use the word Martyr.

    From what I can see by looking at the video, the death of this man has not been justified. Thus far I have not heard what was presented to the Jury. As an example, was he told he was under arrest and told to turn around so he could be cuffed? If not, there was no reason to jump on him and take him down.

    I do believe this case is much different than the Michel Brown case. In Browns case there were 6 black witnesses who testified Brown would not listen and kept charging Wilson. If these black witnesses are telling the truth, I would also have shot him. Contrary to most people, I don’t know because I was not there. To make judgements without knowing the facts, in my view is wrong.

    Can you also explain why and how you know exactly what happened?

    My hearing is very poor and I can not hear most of what is being said on the video. I’m not arguing with your assessment, I’m just trying to understand it.

    Your kind answers to my questions would be much appreciated.

  3. This is what a well respected, conservative former judge said:

    A grand jury chose not to indict a New York City police officer Wednesday for causing the death of New York City resident Eric Garner. There was ample evidence to indict; and the grand jury made a grievous error by not doing so. I say this not having seen the evidence before the grand jury, not having seen the medical reports, and not having heard what the District Attorney said to the grand jury.

    But I have seen a videotape of the incident and it reveals probable cause to show that the police officer used grossly excessive force on a non-violent, non-threatening person. It also reveals he cried and screamed for help because by compacting his chest, his breathing was impaired. The police did nothing to save his live; yet they accelerated his death needlessly. On the basis of the tape alone, I have a clean conscience making such an assertion that an indictment was warranted. The job of a properly instructed grand jury is not to assess guilt or innocence, not to decide who was right or wrong, but solely to determine if there is enough evidence to charge a defendant in a given case.

    Garner was selling cigarettes to homeless folks for a dollar. That is the moral equivalent of jay-walking. He should have been sent to another street corner with a warning, rather than arrested for this harmless behavior. We don’t live in a society in which every conceivable criminal charge should be brought against every conceivable defendant. There have been such societies, and we have fought wars against them. Have we won those wars only to become like the governments that we eradicated?

    Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. He joined FNC in January 1998. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution. The most recent is “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom.” To find out more about Judge Napolitano and to read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit

  4. Two labels we need to stop using…”white and black”. Until we do, we will never see past them. The police are becoming like “storm troopers”. I wonder if it isn’t a sign of end times? Bravo, Warrioress!

  5. And this too…

    And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)

    Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. (Proverbs 14:31)

  6. Hi Adrienne ,

    In Europe , we have the exact same problem with police officers who don’t fear God much and use their uniform to martyre the Gipsies , the West Indians , etc…
    In the former atheist central European countries for example , racism against the Roms ( Gipsies ) is so rife that the medias never write more than three lines to highlight the way some nasty cops behave ; it seems that some people believe that those who were persecuted once by the nazis decades ago do not deserve much respect today. Times have changed , but the poor have still the same and only right to shut up. Even in Western Europe where many Roms try to settle , they have to face humiliations no true Christian can legitimate.
    At least in Europe , citizens are not allowed to carry guns , so corrupted cops have less pretext to shoot before asking questions But time to time , police cars bump accidentally non-white pedestrians when they not rape accidentally a non-white hitchhiker or spit accidentally in the face of a person who is accidentally dark-skinned. Of course , they claim it was self-defence…

  7. NEW YORK – The white New York City police officer whose choke hold led to the death of an unarmed black man has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other black people that he and fellow cops arrested.

  8. Jim Finn, you can google up a transcript of what occurred in the video. The vid is pretty awful to watch and listen to. A man allegedly selling tobacco is choked until he dies, begging them to stop. Eight times he gulps out that he can’t breathe, to no avail.

    Complying? He wasn’t doing anything wrong! Selling loose tobacco is akin to jaywalking; it doesn’t deserve a death sentence by choking.

    Why is Eric Garner a martyr? Because he was an innocent black man murdered on live video for the world to see ….his timely but unfortunate death will invoke the change that must happen. God is using Eric’s death to stop the escalating aggression and violence toward people of color. Eric is indeed a martyr in this regard, though he was unwilling to be one, but it seems God has allowed it.

  9. Your conception of martyrdom is brilliant .
    I mean it.

  10. I absolutely believe the Police did wrong. Never once did I indicate otherwise. I do not believe the same goes for the Ferguson case. Your defintion of Martyr is not the same as found in the Dictionary is all I was pointing out. A Martyr is a person willing to give up their life for a belief. Nothing the man did indicates he was willing.

  11. “Like the sands of the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.”

    “Just as pedophiles are magnetically drawn to occupations that require interactions with children, so racists are magnetically drawn to police forces because they give them a legal license to do what they most want to do— beat, maim, and kill n-word people.”

    I’ll never forget a relative of mine who came down from a northern state to visit in Tennessee. He brought his handgun with him and walked us down into the woods so several family members could watch him fire it. I was about 8 years old at the time. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. He then made statements to emphasize to us that the handgun had been bought first and foremost to manage “n-words.”

    As another devout Christian relative in Tennessee told me numerous times in my teens years: “The n-words are members of a naturally immoral race.” Translation: “More than any other subset of the human race, black people have violence and extreme immorality programmed into their DNA sequence by mother nature. They are at its mercy and they have an almost total inability to do what is right and good—even if by some miracle they desperately want to do good—which of course is impossible. Therefore, they must be monitored closely 24/7 to prevent them from doing bad things to “decent, moral white people.”

    When I was a white child, we invited a black boy who was passing by on the street to play baseball with us. He accepted as any child would. We had only been playing about three minutes when old lady York came out onto the front porch, went ballistic, and started shouting, “Get your dirty, rotten nigger ass away from those white children!!! Get on over to the other side of town where you belong.”

    In the 1930s, white people thought that black people were physically inferior to them. Therefore, it was necessary to keep them out of college and professional sports to avoid putting one’s team into the perpetual loss column. When people like Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordon came along, the theory changed. Then white people were heard to say, “The n-words are so good at sports because they have special genes conveyed to them by their chimp, gorilla, bonobo, and gibbon ancestors. Have you ever seen a gibbon swing easy and carefree from one high tree branch to another? Well, the n-words got that same special ability.”

    And here is a true story about the cultural and linguistic abyss that separates white people and black people in American society. While working in a museum one summer in the 1970s, several black children ran to my desk in an open art gallery and said to me,

    “Willie say he need some “toy lid peppuh.”

    I said, “What?”

    They all laughed in unison and said, “Toy lid peppuh!!!”

    I said: “Oh it’s lunch time, and you need pepper for your sack lunches.”

    They all laughed, “No. We need “toy lid peppuh.”

    Then I thought, “Well, maybe they have a toy box where the lid can be used as a table top for eating lunch,so I’ll just step back here into the kitchen and get them some black pepper for their food.”

    They all laughed, “No. We want “toy lid peppuh.”

    What was really going on? The restrooms were just outside the doors of the gallery. Willie had to use the bathroom, but it was out of “toilet paper.”

    I am not especially happy to lay out this sordid history, but some people who join police forces have lived their lives on a steady diet of this racist slop, and they cannot wait to join a police force to “act out on it.” Some police forces try to screen out such people on the front end so as to avoid hiring them. I suspect that others have chiefs of police whose services would be better rendered at a KKK meeting rather than a police force, and they gather in these white, racist hoodlums and turn them into cops.

  12. Some of this nonsense might end if 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning were not the most segregated hour in American culture—but that is unlikely anytime soon because of traditional white religious jokes that end with punch lines such as:

    “Before Abraham was, I IS.”

  13. What I like in the US , is that American medias hide much less racism then European and Latin American press. 
    Like I said before , in Europe , very few people want to know how racist their history was. Most of them don’t want to hear anything about the deportation of millions Africans in America made by greedy Europeans. 
    “Colonialism during the 19th century ? It’s not our fault !”
    And in spite of the nazi culture and the communist tyrannies that ruled over Europe   , they keep on claiming Europe is a more humanistic continent than the US. 
    I’m not pretty sure about this…
    European atheists still constantly blame religious people for the evil that men did but turn a blind eye to polygenism , eugenism and scientific racism they vehemently championed which led to concentration camps , nazi experimentations and communist slavery in gulags. 
    Therefore , most European medias have huge problems to analyse modern racism they witness everyday , especially the one made by cops. 
    In Latin America , it’s probably worse :
      Brazil Has ‘a Ferguson Every Day’  

    […] My Brazilian friend was not uninterested, merely inured. Racism, rogue cops and rough justice are as familiar here as flip flops and palm trees.

    Brazilian police killed 2,212 people last year, the Brazilian Forum of Public Safety, a national think tank, reported in a study published Nov. 9. Between them, report the authors, Brazilian state and federal police violence claimed more lives (11,200) in the last five years than did all U.S. police combined in the last 30 (11,090).

    Unsurprisingly, twice as many blacks as whites in Brazil were victims of police violence in 2009, according to a recent study by economist Daniel Cerqueira. Another study by the University of Sao Carlos showed that even as blacks comprised 34 percent of the population of Sao Paulo, they numbered 58 percent of those killed by police. “Our police kill by the hundreds,” said Ignacio Cano, a sociologist who specializes in the study of crime and police violence. “We have a Ferguson every day.”


    What about in Russia ?
    Just don’t ask how Russian cops treat their minorities , you will never know. 
    Since the USSR collapsed Russia became the stronghold of racist and hate groups ; it is an indisputable fact on the Internet. 

  14. On the Belgian television we have seen already several times U.S.A. police making an arrest with the person being so badly treated, or not listened to, resulting in his death. Such police violence should no where in a civilised country be allowed. The way how the police officers treat suspected persons goes in against all laws of decency.

    The whole community should react against such malicious actions and should require truly good investigations and a fair judgement treating all American citizens and all civilians as having the same rights, and most important as “Human Beings” and not as wild animals.

  15. @ Jim Finn

    I don’t think your definition is pretty accurate.
    In my Concise Oxford English Dictionnary a martyr is just a person killed because of their beliefs ( religious or not ). 
    You can find the same definition elsewhere …

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