Posted by: the warrioress | January 15, 2015

Without Sin

I don’t believe that Jesus Christ approves of the death penalty. I think His death on the cross changed the “eye for an eye” mentality of the Old Testament days. Jesus explained this when He dealt with the woman about to be stoned for adultery.

Government-sanctioned killing and murdering of the mentally ill and the poorest in society are not Christ-like behaviors.  These people are often minorities who can’t even afford a good attorney. Killing those who kill is not logical. We have made ourselves into the murderer.


As Christians, we have to accept a turning from the need to avenge the wrongs done to us; we are to turn to God who will handle wrongs that happen to us in His time.  I’m often surprised at the bloodlust  many Christians express as “godly.” Cheering on death for another seems very anti-Christ to me.


  1. Most states have outlawed the death penalty and have built more prisons. However, they are filling to beyond capacity, thus bringing back the death penalty. A vicious circle that started when they closed psychiatric / mental hospitals and moved mental patients into prisons.
    We as a country need to move away from the stigma that mental hospitals are bad and begin to build more. This will reduce the population in many of our prisons. We could also use a revamp of the criminal justice system. I also think if there were more job openings that paid a fair wage, crime in this country would go down.

    Good post Adrienne.

  2. Did God later change His mind? Was the death penalty wrong in the Old Testament? Or was it right then but wrong now? Do we have a God whom changes and is not the same yesterday, today and forever?

  3. The death penalty is not about the Bible. The thing we never seem to understand in this country is where our faith ends and where our human culture begins.

    I grew up in the South, and I am convinced that many of the strange things we see, like this fetish-like desire for the death penalty, are an attempt to preserve traditional southern secular culture—which has its roots in Scots-Irish immigrant culture.

    People just cherry pick the Bible in an attempt to legitimize the culture. I grew up in that culture, and the rules of that culture are clear. If a man smites you on your left check, you reach for the nearest tire iron or piece of water pipe and beat the offending man into bloody senselessness. Then the people who are still conscious go out for a beer, talk about the events of the evening, and “Boy, did you see the way his eyes crossed when that piece of pipe came down on his forehead. That was so cool. I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Another round for everybody!!!”

  4. I get a little miffed about having to repeat the obvious to long-time conservative Christians who know very well that God didn’t change, but the life and death of His son, Jesus Christ DID change everything. Jesus was the last blood sacrifice. Jesus taught us a new way to fulfill the commandments given to Moses…through LOVE — this new way even encourages us to love our enemies, not torture them or retaliate with the hate and violence of the world.

    Yes, it is easier to hate, war, and not share our money with the poor, but it’s not what Jesus preached our ideal behavior should be as Christians. Thankfully, God offers us Jesus and His new way of dealing with challenges. It does seem as if this new way is very difficult for some old school Christians to grasp. They love the legalism of the Old Testament Law and cannot understand the nuances of “love thy neighbor as I love myself.” They are more comfortable with harsh judgment of themselves and others. Jesus truly eludes them.

  5. Not one human being has the right to take life of an other human being.

    A culture where it is considered right to have an other human being or animal suffer under sedation, injection or by electric or other shocks to have the other a bad feeling until death comes over him or her, is a cruel society and a barbaric society.

    Civilised people should know better and should know better ways to bring a penalty over others.

  6. As efchristi points out certain countries do not want to believe people can be so sick in their head that they do horrible things. We should try to help such people. We should have eyes on citizens and see when something starts going wrong in our community. Many youngsters when early enough seen would not have come to such acts of killing others in their school or playground, when they would have been taken care of with good social help.

    Those who are ill have to be treated in hospitals and not on electric chairs being tortured until death.

    jimfinn2000 God did not change His mind. Already from the start there was no request to kill somebody. Already from the beginning of times it was asked by God to love your neighbour and not to hurt or kill any living human being.

    God did not change bu he adapted certain rules. at the beginning human beings were only to eat plants, but they wanted meat. It was allowed by God under condition they only would kill animals according to their hungry need to stay a life, but not for killing for fun or wasting food.

    God also gave His son, so that that man of flesh and blood, who could and was tempted, could sin but did not (all proofs he was not God), could restore the relationship between God and man, and become a High-priest for God and a mediator between God and man, so that no offerings where needed any more and no people or animals should be killed innocently but also not as a revenge act, because the revenge belongs to God Who has given the right to judge to His son and not to other people.As such we should leave the judging to Jeshua (Jesus Christ) and to his heavenly father, the Only One God.

  7. the warrioress on January 18, 2015 said the good thing many Christians should knot in their head.

  8. It is not a bad question to ask “where our faith ends and where our human culture begins.”
    Where do we want to go as human beings and what do we consider as being permissible?
    Religious or not each human being has some inner feeling it can ollow or ignore. Call it instinct. Probably that instinct shall like by animals give a feeling of what is right and what is wrong.
    Is man not more than an animal that he can decide not to kill out of revenge?

    What shall he get by lowering himself to the level of the criminal he wants to judge and bring to death?

    The time of “People just cherry picking the Bible in an attempt to legitimize the culture” should be past and civilized persons should try to fully understand the Holy Scriptures by reading it and not by twisting its words or bringing them out of context.

  9. A curious verse in the New Testament about the Secular Authorities which Govern, “He does not bear the sword in vain” Romans 13:4 4 for he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid, for he beareth not the sword in vain; for he is the minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

    Most of the commercialized world, Canada and the USA are not christian nations. And within these secular systems dwell the “Laws” of the lands. Not saying they are right, Just that they are.

    As much as I hate to say this we are told to be subject to them. To pray for them.
    The death penalty is certainly not right for Christians, Jesus received that didn’t he?
    We need to seek God’s heart at all times, and take up no burden or offence when we see the things which are in the world and are about to come upon the world check out Matt, and Isaiah 24.

    I live with a chronic illness, and have lived with it for several decades, you may or may not like what I am about to say but I many times have begged God to take me out of this world, out of this body. Not only that Many time when in the midst of the intensity of the disease I could wish for an injection for a long term sleep. I saw the photo on your post and was drawn to read it because the caption really caught me off guard thank you for posting it


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  11. Is there somewhere in the New Testament where Jesus talks about the death penalty and says He does not approve it? Or is this your opinion and the opinion of others?


    Please read the above article, Jim. It answers your questions quite well.

  13. Yes, I read it and I see how you freely admit that it is your opinion. It just seems to me, we should abandoned our opinion and believe what God says. It could be that He is right and we are wrong every now and then.

  14. Again, Jim, I understand it is difficult to accept the opinion of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, but He makes it quite clear in scripture that you are to LOVE your enemies and forgive them….including those whom you hate, ie Obama, the Muslim’s, gays, etc…

    When do you begin to acknowledge those passages that are NOT of a conservative Christian mindset?

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