Posted by: the warrioress | February 6, 2015

High Horses

Offended Republican believers who view Christianity, history, and the Holy Bible through GOP-colored glasses immediately got up on their high horses today, even though President Obama asked them to instead reconsider Christian history in America.

Looking down from lofty perches, FOX News true believers were greatly irritated by President Obama’s history lessons on the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery, etc. Evidently, these faithful failed to appreciate Obama’s chiding tone at their own self righteousness and forgetfulness that Christianity has also committed tremendous attrocities in the name of God.

This pure hypocrisy exhibited by a willingness to cast stones at Muslim religious extremists, was pointed out by our president to teach and warn, but was not accepted humbly by offended Christian brethren who lashed out in group-think about it in blogs and on Bill O’ Reilly tonight.

I really had to chuckle about this while reading a conservative, “highly-religious” blogger (who also reads and comments here) promptly blast the President over his audacity to lecture good Christians “as he walks in the steps of antichrist..” or some such nonsense.

This man’s outrage over Obama’s comments at the prayer breakfast instantly reminded me of similar responses Jesus got the many times that Jesus chided the Pharisees for similar hypocrisies.

Isn’t it interesting how we are often the very thing we detest in others? We can see their flaws in bright glaring color, but our own pale by comparison. Fortunately, our Lord is not blind like we are. He is quite capable of exposing our arrogant, “holier than thou” words for what they are. God will let a little air out of overblown words and egos when the need arises.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and I agree with you in that “I don’t necessarily agree with your perspective, but certainly respect your right to share your thoughts and opinion on the topic.”

    I found it interesting (here) that you had a ‘chuckle’ over a bloggers comments that characterized the president as someone who ‘walks in the steps of antichrist,’ but then shared how it reminded you of how similar the president is to Jesus.

    In regards to the president’s comments, I don’t necessarily disagree with his veracity, but his unfortunate timing. Surprisingly, the only one he forgot to blame was George Bush. 🙂

  2. I appreciate your perspective, but I see a bit of inconsistency in your defense of the president on this occasion.
    Your post on the “Book of Eli” says this: “I believe that it’s quite possible that government may attempt to ban or do away with our bibles in the future. I believe that they will attempt to do away with the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord.”
    Where else will the roots of such a possibility come other than from a mindset very similar to the president’s, that Christianity is as potentially dangerous as radical Islam?
    What happens after the Global War on Terrorism is over and world leaders get together and say, “Never again will a major world religion bring us to the brink of global war”?

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