Posted by: the warrioress | February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day Blessings!


God has done amazing, wondrous things lately! I am astounded at how He uses us to His glory!

A young woman pleaded with me to help her escape the man she was living with, whom she said made her feel like a slave, a hostage. She is afraid of him. She fears what he will do next. We’ve made a plan. We will be taking her to a battered women’s shelter. The shelter has already approved her. We are praying for her safe removal from this situation tonight, and also for our safety when this man finds out she is gone. May God bless and keep us all safe under His wing and bring about His will in this matter. May little M. get herself a fresh, beautiful start with God’s powerful hand upon her life from this moment forward. We thank God for bringing her here to us. We thank Him that M. felt safe enough to confide and ask for help.


There has been another miracle as well!

The other day, last week, a lost chocolate Labrador showed up on my property and I knew he must have someone missing him. It turned out that we kept him for 3 days, feeding and caring for him because he was tired and his paws were sore; meanwhile his owner was praying two hours in the morning and two hours at night, searching and crying out to God for his safe return. I began to go around our area and the vet to have him scanned for a chip. I then stopped into The Dollar Store to ask if anyone had lost a chocolate lab. A lady in the store still had the lab owner’s phone number that the owner had left with management in case someone stopped into the store.

I called her! The lab had been missing nearly 2 weeks by that time. She sent her granddaughter right over to pick “Rocky” up and was shortly reunited with her beautiful dog. God is so good! What amazing ways God has in store for us when we trust Him and seek His guidance.


Father, thank you for showing me how you hold even an animal’s life in your powerful hands….thank you for a terrific Valentine’s Day! I hope all of you readers were blessed by it as well.


  1. What a wonderful God we serve!

  2. My dear friend tis is truly some awesome moments you have been experiencing as you have allowed God to use you and bless others. Keep working and doing God’s will. I will keep praying for you and the young lady’s safety. Be encouraged in your walk with God. I love you and appreciate all that you do. Many thanks.

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