Posted by: the warrioress | March 20, 2015



How is it possible that there are people politically involved in running for high office, who think like this? These kinds of beliefs and thoughts are archaic and out of touch with reality. “Righteous people are blessed with good health? The immoral are not?” This is black and white thinking to the extreme that is completely inaccurate.

It is disconcerting to me that a man who really believes and publicly spouts these kinds of things has any credibility whatsoever! His religious opinions are based upon obvious erroneous interpretation of the Holy Bible. How can anyone who is of sound mind consider that he could make decisions for others when he thinks in such radical, controversial fashion?

It’s honestly quite scary that delusional individuals like this could actually be taken seriously and legitimately placed in a position to credibly run for president of the United States of America; it’s a frightening thought….


  1. People follow men like Cruz when they are frightened and see that their subculture and much that they have believed in are falling apart. They remember a time in this country when a person cried out: “I hate niggers,” and all of the nicely dressed people at the church picnic yelled out, Amen Raymond.” They remember a time when their car did not have a computer in it, and they could fix the car themselves at home and save the family $800 in the process. They can no longer do that because of that computer. They remember a time when the school teacher could force all of the Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Jewish kids (all Godless heathens) to pray the correct IFB way. They remember a time when their female property (some call them women today) had supper on the table each day at 5:00 p.m. rather than being over at the health club doing aerobics. They remember a time when PBR was a respectable man’s beer and not all this “pretty boy” craft beer stuff. They remember at time when they could beat the crap out of their wife and not a single policeman would show up at their front door. They remember a time when you could get drunk behind the wheel and drive around all night without having to spend three days in jail for drunk driving. They remember a time when they could dump 10,000 gallons of hazardous waste into the river right at the city drinking water intake—and nobody would say a word against it. They remember a time when they could smoke in their favorite restaurant—and screw anyone sitting nearby who did not want to get lung cancer. They remember a time when kids were not vaccinated for protection against terrible diseases—and they want 1,000,000 kids to die because one might might get some BS disease from the vaccine. They remember a time when ignorance and lack of education did not disqualify a man from earning a good living—whats wrong with having dumb and dumber working in the operating room?

    This package goes on and on with probably 100+ items that you could begin with “They remember…”

    They believe that a man like Cruz can bring the good old days—that made perfect sense to them—come back again.

  2. Hey Dover!

    Wonderful writing above…. needs to be a blog in and of itself. Thanks so much for your insight.

  3. ted “america loses” cruz is too “Ivy League” and “Too Intelligent” for the average republican, every time he opens his mouth up, Hillary Clinton’s polls go up..I say, let him keep speaking 🙂

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