Posted by: the warrioress | March 21, 2015

NOT Walking Away (the sequel)



It’s been a long time since I wrote the posting, “Walking Away.” In the interim between that posting and this, a faithful prayer warrior sister of mine has often prayed for me; I’m sure many others have been in prayer as well over the years, and for this I am so grateful.

I’m not sure of why, because I know I am not a perfect Christian by any means, but it seems that God has allowed circumstances to occur in such a way that something wonderful has happened. Someone that God placed into my brother’s path took an interest in him, and contacted me when he really needed his family’s help back in late December of last year.

The timing was perfect; God’s timing not my own, of course. I needed my brother’s help badly and I didn’t even realize it. Our best friend, Uncle Don, had just died before that in June. My teen daughter and I were on our own and struggling a bit with so many things, primarily emotional. We were lonely, tired, and just kind of beaten down, really. We didn’t say it, but we were feeling less than hopeful.

My brother arrived because he needed a drama-free, quiet place to stay and recuperate from his own troubles; I needed my tiny trailer worked on. A tenant I had rented to for six years had pretty much demolished the trailer. My brother began to work his handyman magic and with the two of us brainstorming, the trailer has turned out absolutely cozy and attractive, not to mention, “unique!”


Who would have thought that the daily work on this tiny trailer would bring us back together as it has? My daughter doted on her blood uncle, my brother, and is so relieved to have him back in our lives. She looks at him like she can’t believe he’s really here with us.

Sincerely, it could not have happened at a better time. We’ve now completed work on the trailer and are starting on repairing the barn; we are also putting a garden together. I am chauffeuring my brother back and forth to work in exchange for all of this help and he is renting a cabin unit from me on the property, to stay in for the time being.


Our separate lives are coming together as a real “family.” It hasn’t been like this since we were young together as lost and scattered children. It’s hard to believe this and scary on some level. I haven’t had this much hope in a long time that things could be really happy, family wise, in our lives. God is blessing me/us/our home and property! My brother’s trials have brought him back to us and he seems to be enjoying being with us too!


There are other events occurring outside, but all around us. These events are very exciting. My child has inherited unexpected property, way out in the country, a few hours from us. We’re going to have a look at the old house (picture above this paragraph) on that property and the acreage located there, soon. There’s a huge metal building on the acreage, with lots of wood inside, and the old house looks like a fixer upper from the pictures.


Though my teen-aged daughter is still terribly challenged by her Bipolar Mood Disorder and a never-ending stream of psychiatric drugs to control it, we are all feeling grateful, and again, just so hopeful! I’m peeping around the corner of the future and experiencing inner excitement and a stirring up of wonder.

What will be next? With God at the helm there is just no way of knowing! I never would have expected all of this to happen, but who can know the mind of God?


  1. You’ve made me really happy–hearing about these developments. 🙂 Praise God. (And I know you will/do.)

  2. Adrienne! I am SO happy and thankful to read what has been happening. Praise God!! Wow. I love seeing how prayers are being answered and the reconciliation and restoration He is bringing. My heart rejoices!!!
    I’m sorry it took me so long to read this… We sold our house about a month ago and are living with a dear friend (another God-provision and placement ;)). Things have been super busy as we have many more ministry opportunities happening. It feels like things are kicking into “high gear”. Keep us in prayer as we seek to live in and move with our Lord, bringing His light and love to all we encounter.
    I love you, friend! You are beautiful. I pray all God’s blessings and His grace heaped on you…more and more and more until you think you will explode from all His goodness!!

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