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There have been some things going through my mind, things about who I am in this Christian life and how that relates to other’s who also claim Christianity. These things  have prevented me from wanting to write and share; I’ve been out of sorts. It’s not really a surprise to me that I’m different from a lot of Christians, but it’s a concern for me when I have to wonder how or where I fit into what is defined as “the body of Christ” on this earthly plane and who is right about what they think and who is wrong.

Internally, I believe that there is only one body, one church, and that God wants us to grasp the bigger picture and unify as one. Unfortunately, I don’t really see that coming to fruition for a few particular reasons. These reasons fall under the heading of confusion, misunderstanding, and overall apathy and selfishness.

a) A huge number of Christians don’t really grasp the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are bogged down in the details of legalism and nit-picking people over their personal sins, instead of grasping the primary aspects of what Jesus tried to tell us when He walked this life in a human body like we do. Many of these same Christians are so caught up in “angry, punishing God” that they have no real ability to show the whole of who God is; they forget the love entirely. They put forth this frightening being, a threatening, fearful thing whom no one but their little group of believers can relate to. Threats of thunderbolts and hell permeate their witness. There aren’t many takers who want to be part of what they preach and seriously…who can blame the lack of desire?

b) Then there are Christians who hammer in so much fire and brimstone that they’re even raining it down on their brothers and sisters in Christ, insisting that we are going to hell along with the non believers! I’m shocked at this, truly heartbroken, and terrified on some level. How can this be and how can people have gotten things so wrong and be so misguided. Are they not reading the same bible that I am? How do they miss the main points to the degree that they are? And how when they are called on it again and again do they stay in denial and not care?


c) What confuses me the most and what I truly find most concerning are how many millions of people on this earth are not really getting God’s message because of the horrible confusion among the very believers who claim to believe. When believers in Jesus Christ who claim to follow Him can’t even agree on a few simple common things that are Christianity, how can the gospel be spread adequately and appropriately? How can we fulfill what God wants, what Jesus Christ asked us to make our primary purpose?

d) And why is it so hard for Christians to just get together and embrace the commonalities of what we share and spread that beautiful love that is like no other to the rest of the people in this world? How is that so many Christians are caught up in the politics of hate, punishment, fire and brimstone that they no longer put forth the love of Jesus Christ in their lives? They have nothing to exhibit but judgment without the love and mercy. They have missed the entire point of Jesus and what He stood for and why God allowed everything to occur as it has. They have bought into the foolishness of the world with it’s love of money, greed, selfishness, and fear.

Jesus loves

Now what are we going to do about it?


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  2. Adrienne, As you and I are so close in our thoughts and life in general, let me share this with you:

    A). As a Christian, our duty is to share His love and to set the example for how a Christian should live.

    B) As I remember, we are told not to judge others for how they live. Grandfather always told me to love, pray and live in the joy of God’s glory. He added you will have no time to worry about how your neighbor lives.

    C) So what are we going to do? I am going to continue setting the example that shines of His glory and love others as He has loved me. I will continue to pray for the lost and misguided the He will show them the light and guide them in the way He wants them to go.

    With all my heart!



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  4. Yeah, you’re not going to like my input here.
    God doesn’t want us unified. If you re-read the story of the Tower of Babel you’ll see that his very reason for dispersing us was because we were unified. That kind of threw me for awhile until I looked at history and saw what we did when we were unified as a people. Nazi Germany came to mind. And if you look at the Church when it was unified, well. You remember reading about the Dark Ages, right?
    Stop worrying about unification and just focus on being a blessing to those around you, as I am sure you already do.:)
    God bless.

  5. That’s an interesting theory, Haydendlinder. (chuckle). I have never thought about it that way before. You are right, though. Christians did do some pretty horrific things in the past when they were unified.

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