Posted by: the warrioress | August 27, 2015

Trump and the Christian

I was just unfriended on Facebook by a Christian Republican acquaintance who insists that he will be morally compromising himself if he votes for a Democrat. Evidently, I outraged him when I insisted that he was just as morally compromised when he votes Republican, or for a “non-politician,” like Donald Trump, for example. I guess the cognitive dissonance was just too much for his Christian brain to meditate upon and mull over because he silenced me before he could begin thinking too deeply. Not to worry though, I suspect his brain will continue to grill him on the utter hypocrisy he’s subscribing to in order to rationalize a vote for Trump.

I tried several comments to attempt to show him that God doesn’t approve of the way that Republican candidates view the destruction of our planet to achieve more oil, minerals, etc., or the plight of our declining habitats for wildlife, the destruction of much of our animal life, and sea life. I tried to explain that same sex marriage and abortion are not the only things that piss God off.

Yes, I was blunt about it and I didn’t attempt to mince words because I’m tired of doing that. I hear that the country appears to be enjoying Donald Trump’s “tell it like it is” style, so I bluntly offered this man the same. Now I’m unfriended and blocked. lol. So much for speaking one’s mind.

Conservative Christians don’t like anything that convicts them internally. They especially don’t like being called on their hypocrisy. Telling a conservative Christian that they only appear to care about a baby before it comes out of the womb irritates and even enrages them, even though it’s complete truth! Heaven forbid that some of their tax dollars might go to Head Start to feed that same young child later in life, or that the kid might get free healthcare through Medicaid.

“Oh no. We can’t have that” they say. “Teach a man to fish, don’t give him the fish; that encourages entitlement!’

Never mind that Jesus fed and healed everybody without making them pass a drug test or provide proof of health insurance. God doesn’t change. You think He changed on that?

Christians seem to want to have their cake and eat it too.

Do you really believe you can actually vote for Donald Trump as a Christian and rationalize that as something Jesus approves of? Give me a freaking break! Just his stance on immigration alone is against Christ.

Frankly, if you vote at all, there’s not a candidate one who is going to come close to Christ-like! So what’s the point, you ask?

The point is, let’s get honest. The Republican party is no more an example of Jesus than any other party or politician or non-politician. We are living in a terrifically sinful, morally-barren world that is fallen and cannot get up. Please, please quit trying to act like you’re taking the high road by a planned vote for Trump or anybody else, for that matter; you’re compromising your morals as far as Jesus is concerned, if you actually really have any.

Look. Read the bible. Really read that book!

Jesus said a lot of things in there about the poor, the hungry, the sick, prisoners, immigrants, illegal or otherwise, the planet, and how we are to treat animals and others. Don’t pretend for a second that you’ve found a candidate who is living and breathing who is even close to what God/Jesus approves of.

Voting Republican is not “the high road.” You’re compromising your morality and if you don’t agree with me, you may not comprehend “morality” at all, which is probably pretty likely, frankly.



  1. well, let’s face it. Jesus would FORGIVE all the current (and potential) candidates. Even Trump. Though if he had his druthers I suppose he would be most inclined to break bread with Bernie or Elizabeth. Even Jeb. Undoubtely a couple others based on whats in their heart and not what they say (no doubt with a mind towards swaying them out of the evils of pandering… ). Now “god the father…the same God, more or less, the Jewish faith also follows…is a different story. And I can’t even begin to imagine if he would back the Huckabees or …. of this race.

    But I guess, like so many times before- I will go for a deeply flawed human (as we all are), whose heart is in the right place- rather then a selfish and/or hateful person who will say/do whatever it takes to achieve power.

  2. Well put!! If people were as concerned for the homeless as for the unborn, I would pay more attention to them. They don’t, so i stay in my peaceful little world and do as He commanded.

  3. I can understand many of the world falling for Trump. People are fed up with politicians and political correctness.

    But I can not understand a Christian voting for him. Oh wait–“Look. Read the bible. Really read that book!”–we don’t do that anymore.

    And then there are the inane questions like “What’s your favorite Bible verse?”

    I actually feel sorry for him.

  4. until donald runs as an’s all republican kabuki theater…nothing more than fleecing the republican voter for every penny they have and high t.v. ratings…if donald truly loved america..he’d run as independent…stop with all the stupid talk…and expose the fact that there really is no difference between the current democrats and republicans…which would truly scare the democratic and republican parties…and perhaps usher back the real democrats and republicans of old..the opposite of the corporate/citizens united puppets we currently have in washington…great blog!!!

  5. Ooh baby. It’s election season. Let us take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of Jon Stewart.
    Ok. Let the writing and unfriending, arguing and blocking begin! So exciting. Haha

  6. You planted the seed, and the guy did not want to listen. I recently told a friend that he shouldn’t quote the Bible then add his own works like they were from the Bible.
    He asked me not to judge him until GOD told me to judge him. GOD told me He sent me to judge him and get him on the marrow path. But he said if he did not want GOD’s judgment I should not share GOD’s opinion with him.
    2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.

    GOD told my was free from having to call out to my lost friend. I think GOD has set you free from calling out to your friend. You tried to make a disciple. GOD told me my friend was rejecting GOD not me. I think this is true in your case also. Your friend unfriend GOD not you?

  7. Hi all,

    Seen from Europe , it is funny to watch Donald Trump.

    It is not pleasant to see his face ( I rather like Fiorina one’s 😃. Trump dared to poke fun at her albeit his strange blond toupee. What a fruitcake ! ) , but very interesting to see this atheist politician who tries to make believe he is a Christian in order to seduce the believers.
    He just looks like Sarkozy , Berlusconi , Le Pen and Putin : they’re arrogant , vulgar and cynical. They need the Christians but live like the atheists. 
    Their main asset is : energy !!! It means making noise actually…. And we heard the noise he made across the Atlantic Ocean.

    I pray that you Americans will be smart enough to slam his stupid face. 
    Else the rest of the world will face huge problems…

  8. Unfortunately, many of our American Christians are deluded and are following anyone but Jesus Christ. That they could support this individual is frightening to me, but I believe they will be completely tricked by their own base, worldly instincts like greed, selfishness, etc. Little surprises me anymore as I read their blogs and Facebook pages or even listen to them in person. Their ignorance and gullibility is very discouraging. Thanks for your thoughts, Serenity!

  9. I understand your bitterness , Warrioress .
    In the ( more or less ) dechristianized Europe I live in , we have to deal with many fake Christians since decades ; who claimed they refuse to discuss the Gospels because it’s too personal. In fact , they just can’t quote a verse because they are more interested in easy money than by God’s agenda.
    It’s sad but social conservatism is too often considered as Christianity. Cultural Christians are only Christians by name because they just have no faith.
    Or perhaps , people like Trump are low-energy Bible’s readers.

    Have a good Sunday and soldier on. After all number does not matter that much ; just remember that only one good soul could have saved the city of Sodom. But there was none …

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