Posted by: the warrioress | October 12, 2015

Fear Mongering and Guns in America


Trite cliché’s and warnings about the president removing our right to bear arms have been sounded every time this country has tried to have a conversation about changing gun laws. Finally, it seems that President Obama has decided to take the initiative to put into law background checks that are actually carried out, a ban on assault rifles, and a limit on magazine ammunition. Also included is a willingness to close the gun show loop-hole and some other sundry non-threatening actions which are nominal at best; included in these is trying to offer better individual citizen mental health information exchanges with other states in a country-wide data base.

How anyone can be against these kinds of safety precautions that are purely common sense, is beyond my ability to comprehend. I’m used to a frantic bias against President Obama, however, since he took office nearly eight years ago.  I’m accustomed to a consistent rebellious cry against him that has been so disgusting, I’ve had to keep my jaw clenched shut. I’ve been afraid to say more than I have thus far or I may get myself into trouble with the good Lord above.

None of the fear mongering being spouted is rooted in anything rational whatsoever. What is, but shouldn’t be, surprising is that the alleged party claiming “pro-life” status only appears to care about life when it hasn’t actually taken a breath outside of a woman’s womb.


At any rate, the NRA has a wonderful plan for us. See above.

This was said tongue in cheek.

Common sense regulations are specifically a problem because of Republicans in the Senate who unanimously block modest gun law regulations, like background checks. These Republicans are terrified of the NRA. The portion of Americans supporting this insanity are fear-obsessed. These people are conspiracy theorists, who don’t seem to care about the continued loss of life that has been steadily climbing since the first mass school shooting, Columbine. There have been 45 of these kinds of mass shootings in 2015 so far!

So now I’m hearing that the President is finally going to attempt to begin some minor gun control so that we can stop some of these mass shootings and maybe our children can safely attend our various schools in this nation or see a movie. I pray that logical, rational minds will prevail on this issue.


  1. I agree expanded background checks would be helpful. I also agree the NRA goes out of it’s way to understate the problem we have in this Country over guns.

    I don’t think it is a political problem, although they are trying to make it one. It is a people problem, where emotion takes over common sense. But that is what we are teaching our kids today, raw emotion over actually thinking. The media also does a good job in pushing it 24/7. Fear sells stories. People on both sides of the political spectrum back expanded background checks and so does 70% of the members in the NRA by the way.

    We are divided as a Country and it is a shame for we need to unite and pull everyone together to be strong again.

    United We Stand….

  2. great blog! This generation of male gun-hoarders are the curse of america…

  3. I can really go either way no this. I think until we start spending serious money on mental health, we are not going to see a change in these kinds of incidences.

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