Posted by: the warrioress | December 3, 2015

Christ-like Tolerance


Tolerance is often misunderstood.

Tolerance does not mean acceptance of someone else’s views, beliefs, or actions. Tolerance means we listen, hear, and try to understand; it means we respect an individual’s right to their own opinions and points of view — it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t face, rebuke, or disagree with the person.  As Christians, we must do this in love. We can tolerate wrong-thinking, but still point out the truth in a Christ-like manner. Jesus often confronted others, especially His disciples and the religious leaders of the time. He stood up for His beliefs and attempted to guide through His parables and teachings to attempt to offer clarity, and to help others see the “RIGHT WAY.”

Unfortunately, there were stubborn people listening who were not really hearing Jesus; their hearts could not hear or see; their minds were made up and were closed and locked against the teachings of Jesus Christ; Jesus knew this. He knew that there would always be those who defiantly refused to grow and learn what He was trying to teach; this is the same now in our world today.

I tend to get frustrated with those who refuse to recognize the teachings of Jesus Christ within the very bible they claim they believe in. They want to argue, not think on Christ’s teachings deeply and allow their heart to grow into Christ and what He wants from each one of us in our daily living experience. There comes a point that I have to accept someone’s refusal to hear me and just accept that they are not yet where He wants them to be. I plant a seed and then must move forward, hoping that they will catch on and catch up in His time, not mine. I try to keep loving and keep praying for whomever it is.  I tolerate, but I never really give up and never stop being willing to be used by God to show His ways, which are clearly in the bible we claim we believe.

People love to throw around bible verses and preach scripture, but are they actually grasping the gist of the bible’s message? Is the bigger picture being understood? It would seem not. Christians today do not understand the simple words “love thy enemies,” or “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Many Christians in this world we live in today want bloodlust, death, and war just like those within the world we live in but are not to be a part of. These “followers of Christ” seem to want to arm everyone with guns and fight things out like in the old West, like cowboys and Indians. Jesus didn’t preach this. Jesus did not advocate violence, killing, and murder.

Jesus was not of this world; we are not to be either if we are truly born again. Our hearts can change. Compassion, mercy, and love can actually reign, as they did in the life Jesus led. Anger, hatred, fear, suspicion, and ignorance are not godly traits; these are not the fruits of the spirit.




  1. Seems like this was written for me. I face intolerance all the time and don’t always respond in a Christ like manner. Thanks for writing this, definitely words I needed.

  2. We can lead, set the example and shine our light, but we cannot tell anyone what or how to believe. Free will allows others to see what they choose, but they have to answer for their choices, as do we for ours.

    I too am frustrated by the public proclamations of some of the political candidates, but also realize they too know not what the ramifications of their outbursts may lead to. They are blinded by the anticipation of getting the radical vote. I have faith that in the end cooler heads will vote the right person into office.

    In the meantime: Wait quietly. Wait patiently. Wait attentively. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

    Shine your light, sing your praise! In the end all things will be right.

    Love you!


  3. You’re right… Once again.

    Tolerance is not a Biblical everlasting right ; it’s a privilege : the manifestation of God’s patience. God gives us some time to find the way back , but those who waste too much time to accept the truth will inevitably lose His love and support.
    Love never lies.

    That’s why we can tolerate ( for a very short time only ) greed and Donald Trump , vulgarity and Donald Trump , demagoguery and Donald Trump , idiocy and Donald Trump , atheism and Donald Trump , but at the the end of the day the Americans who self-claim to be true Christians will have to make the good choice …

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Adrienne! Been a while Im sorry. Keeping up with all the wonderful blogs became overwhelming and the Lord led me to other endevours. This is a great post. I also feel as you do. I used to get so mad at the church for not seeing the hidden truths of Scripture as I did and their obvious lack of growing faith but then I realized something. Only a remnant were ever obedient in the Scriptures, only a remnant had trust in our God. Only a remnant were privy to the true deeper meanings of the parables. As the remnant we too will find ourselves frustrated with the masses of ‘believers’ for lack of growth in their faith. .. Just like Moses did and Abraham and Joseph and Elisha and Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul and Jesus! Etc… I used to get defensive when others couldn’t see my understanding. Now I realize they aren’t all meant to know all. The truths were hidden for a reason. I see now that I must move to a place that will never be completely understood by the body of believers but thats ok. I feel blessed to be given secrets from my Lord. I wrote a post recently called imitation faith…. I think you may like it. It’s on a similar vein as this. Hope you are well sweet sister. Blessings to you!

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