Posted by: the warrioress | February 16, 2016

In Plain Talk

Once again, Edwin Christian lays it down, hard. Don’t miss this!

Ed Christian's World

I am frustrated! Why you ask? I am frustrated because most of the people who read my blog, only see what is written on the page. They read over it, not taking the time to discover what is really being said with all the words. Words, just words!

With my last two blog posts: The Angel Within and In Plain Sight I received about 100 e-mails, facebook comments or text messages. Most of them made cute of the post, some of them were serious. From: I never gave it any thought that we could have Angels around us, to I know what you mean when I backed into my closed gate twice before I realized it was not open. One comment told me the reader saw the light: You succeeded in pointing out that God gives a narrow window in which we discover life and love!

We are led, sometimes…

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  1. Thank you for re blogging this post! I am trying to make people more aware of their surroundings and the everyday miracles happening around them.
    I hear daily how some feel life is not fair. But when you open your eyes, you realize the daily blessings God gives you, then you start to see the real life around you.


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