Posted by: the warrioress | February 22, 2016

As Clanging Symbols

Crazy world we live in these days, isn’t it?

It’s difficult to make sense out of the chaos that continues to swirl around us in this world.

In my particular part of the globe, we’re seeing some pretty strange weather; I’m in South Central Texas. We had no winter to speak of this year. It got down to freezing for twenty minutes one night, the whole winter thus far. We finally got a little rain last night for about twenty minutes too. Of course, we’re regularly told by global warming non-believers that this is “normal.” Somehow I don’t feel comforted by their assurances, anymore than I feel pacified every time I listen to Donald Trump preach his plans for running America when he becomes president.

Ahh yes, the political aspects of things in America are just as harrowing, odd, weird, or whatever one wants to call them.

Never in my lifetime have I ever seen so many people willing to put the completely inexperienced an inappropriate into the most powerful position, as leader of the free world.

We are talking about an individual who claims that torture worse than waterboarding is the only way to go, who tosses out vague notions and reassurances of his rulings based upon absolutely nothing concrete. It is absolutely terrifying to listen to Donald Trump and picture what may be ahead for our beautiful America, or the rest of the world, for that matter.

Image result for angry crazy christians

I look around me at a lot of Christians gone absolutely off the deep end. I don’t know what Holy Bible they’ve been subscribing to or reading lately, but these people bear no resemblance to Jesus Christ at all; not sure if they ever really did. Watching their insistence on open-carry weapons, demands for a wall, promises to deport Mexican Americans, and stop Muslim Americans from re-entering the country once they leave, a complete ban on Muslims, a sincere plan to take away the health insurance of millions…..

I wonder how many people are going to just die under the next president.

I have had some real anxiety about all of this.

The continuous titter that Jesus Christ is returning soon, that we’re in the “end of days,” is a dull roar in my ears. I wonder if those heralding His return are ready to explain to Jesus Christ how  and why they have completely altered His message. How will they rationalize their behavior toward the poor, homeless, fatherless children and widows, the in-firmed and disabled, prisoners, etc., based upon what Jesus Christ said their behavior should look like? How will they greet Him when they have become the very monsters they were supposed to be fighting against?

How can they be greedy, violent, gun-obsessed, idol-worshiping, angry mobs who hate the current president and anyone different from themselves? A lot of Christians have become so judgmental, self righteous, and legalistic that I’m not surprised their churches are relatively empty these days; they’ve lost their love; they’ve lost their first love, Jesus.

Many many Christians have become the clanging symbols that the bible speaks about:

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.” 1 Corinthians 13:1.

And no, there’s nothing tinkling about them! Christians have become clanging symbols; they are making a mockery out of what Jesus preached we should be.

Voting for a known Seven Mountains Dominionist/Ted Cruz, or a torture-loving, Muslim-fearing bigot/Donald Trump, or someone else similar to both, while insisting that this is best for America? It’s all become so surreal!

Planning to carpet bomb Syria and commit genocide on the families of terrorists…?  I don’t think Christians have a clue what they’re doing anymore.

Jesus must be very sad and disappointed.


  1. I have peace in my heart knowing that what ever God let’s happen in this world I am safe in His arms. Yes, we live in a very tremulous world and people are doing some very strange things and some seem to have lost their direction. Whether they have lost their Christian values or not is not mine to judge, for they have to answer for themselves. All I can do is pray that they see the light and listen as He speaks to them.
    As for the political stream out there making statements and promises they know they can’t keep, I really blame the people for showing ignorance of the US Constitution. The President can do nothing by himself and Congress, even a do nothing one like we have now, has the power to shut him down if they just do their jobs. For that matter, we the people need to hold them accountable for what they do or don’t do. Yet we seem to aways re-elect them in spite of it. Two wrongs never did make a right.
    As for the people losing the love, all I can say is God gave up His only son out of love for us and through His love we are given eternal life. That is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. He tells us to love our neighbors as He loved us and then reminds us it is better to give than receive. He will judge us by our love to others and since He is love, love now measures us.
    I pray for peace and understanding. I ask for wisdom to see the light He wants me to see and the path He wants me to follow. I also pray for everyone to see the light and the wisdom to follow His guidance. He is love, he is light and He is my strength.



  2. You know as painful as it is to say this, When Yeshua spoke of the lost sheep, and how he would leave the flock and go to get that one lost sheep. What he meant was that YOU are the flock and the LOST is not the pagan, the homosexual or even the terrorist. It’s the church going hate spewing Christian. They’re just lost. That’s why nothing they do makes any sense.

    I am praying this helps you to find peace and joy.

  3. Convicting!

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