Posted by: the warrioress | February 28, 2016

Here’s a Hint

picture of satan meme


  1. The voice of God is His Bible. We are to believe everything He says, not pick and choose.

  2. Well, Jim, you’re picking and choosing. You actually support Ted Cruz (a fanatical dominionist who believes in the Seven Mountain theocracy) and essentially blackmail people who don’t agree to support him. You threaten to block them from your facebook if they don’t support him! You’re not supporting the bible. You pick and choose all of the time!

    You persecute those who support Donald Trump daily, and you preach to them about why it’s sin to support Trump, yet you encourage them to support Ted Cruz, who is probably even closer to evil incarnate through proven lying, cheating, and proven dirty tricks against the other Republican candidates. He has already shown himself to be untrustworthy, not to mention a crazy man who wants to force everyone into following biblical law when we are no longer under biblical law. Unbelievers are definitely not to be forced into biblical law. Read up on The SEVEN MOUNTAINS, Dominionism. You’re supporting what is not within the bible! You’re encouraging votes for a person who is not what Jesus asks us to be as followers of Jesus Christ.

    Let’s not even get into your fanatical conservatism and how completely not biblical that is…

  3. birds of a feather flock together – false christians and false christian ted cruz go hand in hand….plus, ted cruz is a bush family (the ultimate false christian family) big oil puppet…He will die a horrible death just like lee atwater

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