Posted by: the warrioress | March 2, 2016

Take Trump Out?


Take Trump Out? Don’t you dare even try it, “Establishment” Republicans! What are you thinking? Have you lost your minds?

What about the process, the American Constitution? We the people have spoken and yes, you are pretty much stuck with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for your party!


Personally? I don’t support Donald Trump! I’m an Independent Hillary Clinton supporter, but I would no more agree with letting the nomination be stolen from Donald than I would with allowing the nomination to be stolen from Bernie or Hillary. This is wrong, and we the people will rise up against it, hard!

This kind of chatter and planning  is underhanded and sleazy. It goes against our Democratic process! It does away with everything America stands for, that makes America who we are! Just don’t even try it! Don’t go there! This will not be allowed by those of us who vote!


  1. Well said! ☺😘

  2. Very well written!! If anybody needs taken out, it is Ted Cruz, he is a master manipulator and will do more harm to our Country than anyone of them.

  3. I’m an independent that leans democrat (actually I have never voted republican)..and, if hillary doesn’t pick bernie or elizabeth warren as her vice president and do this very fast, she’s going to lose in 2016. Republican turnout in the primaries have shattered records (the trump effect)..even surpassing numbers that obama brought in..While democrat turnout has been at 30 year lows..Which means if obama/hillary coalition doesn’t grow a brain really, really fast, they will, in essence, be handing over all three branches of government to the republicans (not good for obama’s legacy)..Unfortunately, there is no difference between the DNC (with their super delegates) and the RNC these days…and that is what is so wrong with our citizens united government of today..The leaders of both parties want to “select” our leaders instead of letting the “we the people” elect our leaders..Love your blog 🙂

  4. Hi. I agree Bible Warrioress. I recently reclassified myself as an Independent voter specifically because of the position you take—that all Christians should be Independent voters.

    Personally, I like Bernie Sanders and John Kasich more than the rest of the field on either side of the political fence.

    On the matter of Donald Trump, I agree wholeheartedly with your evaluation. Judas betrayed Jesus, and even if Donald Trump is nothing like Jesus, no political party should play the Judas Iscariot role with its own candidates and the members of their own political party. If my mom and dad were alive today, they would call even the thought of turning the entire Republican Party against Trump like this as “just plain low-down.”

    So, I am going to go ahead and do it right here because I am one of those all important swing voters now. If Republican dirty tricks deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination, I shall (not will—but shall) march straight into my voting booth in November and pull the lever in favor of Hillary Clinton.

    All of you so-called “establishment” Republicans out there who read this had better listen to me and listen to me good. The owner of this blog and I are not the only people out here who feel this way. You should hear the talk on the sidewalks. This “Romney Strategy” is just plain stupid, and you will get punished by the American voter because it violates the most basic American values of honesty and fair play—something most of you obviously know nothing about because you are—well—career politicians who have dealt for years in the realm of lies, dirty tricks, and deceit—which appear to have become your moral norm. The American people do not share that norm, and you will be punished severely at the voting booth for applying that norm to Mr. Trump.

  5. I am not an American , but I think you shouldn’t take Trump that lightly. He will set the world on fire , there’s no doubt about it. ( Remember , that North Korea have atom bombs , and will be the most dangerous threat during the next decades. )
    In Europe , we are used to see people like Donald Judas Trump running small countries , especially in the former Soviet bloc. There are nasty , they are saboteur who work for Vladimir Putin who intends to conquer Europe.

    If Trump wins the nominee , he will be very influential on the world scene.
    Think twice , Americans.

  6. If the citizens of this nation actually put someone like Trump as leader of the free world, they will have to learn the hard way, I guess. I know he’s stupid, and likely limited in morality, but worse than him is Ted Cruz. Hopefully Hillary will prevail. American Christians are lost..many of them. I’ve never seen so many deluded people in all of my life.

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