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false prophet


Understand yet?


  1. King David committed adultery and murder. Should we then not read the Psalms and other things he penned? Every writer of the Bible were sinners. Should we then discard the Bible?

  2. Jim, you are in favor of voting for a known Dominionist, Ted Cruz. He could actually allow millions to die in the street when he takes away our healthcare; you don’t care, neither does Ted Cruz. There is no conscience present ….this isn’t love. It’s not “fruit of the spirit;” it is satanic, evil, and sociopathic. You are a CINO, Jim. You are in favor of Dominionism. Yes, you read the Bible, you pray, but I don’t believe you know Jesus, Jim. You certainly don’t behave as though you do. You are a fervent religious right Conservative Republican, who is more loyal to the party of Ayn Rand than to the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. I feel very sorry for you and for all whom you manage to influence in your erroneous choices.

  3. I loved this post.:)

  4. I have a question for you warrioress, Have you and do you spend your life giving to the poor? Is this in your opinion what makes a person a Christian? Have you ever read the entire Bible or have you read only snippets of it?

  5. Jim, I give to the poor and the homeless. I take them in and help them get back on their feet, yes. I help others as I’m led to by God. No, this doesn’t make a person a Christian, but it is a fruit of the spirit. “They will know we are Christians by our love…” Yes, Jim, I have read the Bible all the way through approx 4 times in my life, but primarily focus on the NT these days.

  6. Thanks so much, Hay!

  7. You judge me by saying I don’t care about the poor. You say I don’t care if the sick are dying in the streets. Yet, I give much. Not by force but freely from my heart. That is the big difference between you and me. You promote forced giving yet I have never found that in the Bible. Since you know the Bible so well can you show me where the Government is told to collect taxes and distribute them to the poor?

  8. I have said this a gazillion times and is what Jim never wants to admit..If Jesus were alive in America today, he’d die in a hail of bullets from the cold hands of false christian republican who would then claim “stand your ground” as his legal defense because he found Jesus’ message threatening

  9. Seems no one wants to show me Scripture to answer my questions. Sad.

  10. You would just twist and maul the scripture like you do now, so you could continue in your blindness. You’re deceived. Blind guide. Smh.

  11. So that is your reasoning for not wanting to discuss Scripture? Or is it that Scripture NEVER shows where it is the Governments job to collect taxes and distribute it>?


    Read those for a start, Jim. They have all the scriptural argument you could ever want. You will refuse the truth regardless, tho, like you always do.

  13. Must send me what someone else wrote? Can’t answer my question directly?

  14. Continue picking and choosing what you want to find in the bible to fit your needs and’s what Ted Cruz you should be fine

  15. Not one Scripture you can point me to? Just dance around the issue with insults?

  16. I read both articles. Much good in them. Will write about the subject in my blog.

  17. Real eyez life:
    Thanks so much for trying to get thru to Jim. And thanks for reading and responding. Hugs.

  18. Published my article concerning you and your ant-biblical beliefs.

  19. My anti-biblical beliefs? I don’t support Dominionism. I’m not voting for a liar and a cheat. I do follow the bible, all of it, Jim, not just parts that are convenient to my politics. By the way, my next posting may be very interesting to you. Anonymous is after Ted Cruz now. Hmm. This could be a problem for your preaching against sin while trying to pry that beam out of your own eyes and Cruz’ eyes. Perhaps focus more on JESUS and a little less on selling alleged Christian Ted Cruz to the country….

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