Posted by: the warrioress | March 20, 2016

Anonymous Contacts Ted Cruz





  1. I guess I should stipulate. I like the cartoon and the trail mix pic. However, I do not like or join the passion of the anonymous message. I am not LEGION, and I stand with Jesus who does forgive.

    That said, I am cool with the critique though….

    Just stipulating…


  2. I understand, Agent X. The only reason I shared the message of Anonymous is for the deceived Christians who think Ted Cruz is the answer to their prayers; he is anything but!
    There are Christians who read here who are so immersed into hard-line Religious right politics, that they believe anything FOX news says, and are buying the party’s current attempt to sell them Ted Cruz..of course, they are MOST ALL of them suspect, but the point is that we have to remember that God is still in charge and this is temporary here. Investing too much into any of these people is probably a mistake.

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