Posted by: the warrioress | March 22, 2016

Read my Lips

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  1. This made me think of a guy I used to work with- who was raised religious and did the whole missionary thing. And he told me he had an ephinany during the missionary work – that the belief was that if you didn’t know god, you weren’t punished for it when you died. But if you learned of god- and did not accept him you would be sent to eternal damnation.
    And he realized- here I am presenting people- many well established into their lives and beliefs- with this choice. Change your entire world view, your entire belief system- or go to hell for eternity.

    Now of course- my own religion is rather vague. And I can see this belief fitting to the old testament god. But in no way does it jibe with Jesus Christ of the new testaments.

    I think it illustrates a lot of the problems we have in “Christianity” . We have a huge population of people that call themselves christians- while ignoring the all loving and all forgiving tenents of Jesus Christ, and instead following the self admitted vengeful “god” of the old testament.

    Anyway…hope that makes some degree of sense…

  2. These two photographs remind me of two missionaries who visited a church service I was in at the Southern Methodist Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee in the 1970s. They were building a hospital in a poor African country, and they wanted us to contribute to the effort. I do not recall their exact words, but I vividly recall what was being said and the tone:

    “Now we want to make one thing clear. This is a missionary effort to save souls from Hell. These native people live in really bad circumstances and are afflicted with all kinds of diseases and physical disorders—but we are not building this hospital to be good to them. Quite frankly, we don’t care how much they are suffering or even whether they live or die. This hospital is just bait to lure them in to hear the gospel and be saved—and if patching up a broken arm is what we have to pay to get that confession of faith—then so be it.”

    All the adults, known today as old Republican white people, nodded their heads up and down. I was only 18 years old at the time and living that summer with my aunt and uncle who were members of that church. The older folks walked out of the sanctuary with the usual smiles, alohas, and “…what a pretty dress you are wearing.” I walked out livid and fit to be tied that anyone who claimed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior could be this cold-blooded and callous—and why were these men invited to give a talk at a church service???!!!

    As a Methodist for most of my life, I have not personally suffered much of the abuse that many Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals dish out to their own and endure from their own. From reading my blog “Flee from Christian Fundamentalism” (, it would be easy for a person who does not know me to conclude that my writings are the bitter lemons of my own suffering for a lifetime under fundie oppression and down beating. They are not. For the most part, I have not suffered under such oppression from them. Rather, the driving force and passion with which I write are all from seeing and hearing about how badly these fundies treat other people, including the child in Adrienne’s first photograph. Injustice foisted on others is what drives my writing, and if the anger I have burns me to a crisp instead of them, then I look at that as my sacrifice of self and even an early death to stand up for those they hurt and to shine a light on the evil they do in the name of Jesus.

    I just had to say that.

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