Posted by: the warrioress | April 12, 2016

28 Reasons I’m Done….


I wanted to share an article I read that I think is well worth reading and digesting. In the event you are one who thinks as the people in this article do, please read through to the end and attempt to think on the matter in depth, before wiping it from your mind. I know that it’s easy to become defensive and thus shut your mind’s door hard, but I really think it’s a mistake to do that with this particular article.

It’s written by a Christian woman who makes some awfully valid points. Give it a look see, if you would, for me? 😉


28 Reasons I’m done….


  1. I am absolutely floored by these 28 reasons. Some of them I could explain to one side what the other side is saying/believes – but there is nothing in this list that I as a Southern girl, born in the South, raised in the South, never lived anywhere but the South, love the South, and will probably die in the South believes. No one that I know – and I have a wide circle of friends and relations – adhere to these accusations. For the first time ever, I feel as if WE are Sandy Hook children and people such as the author of this article are the hatred coming to shoot us down in cold blood. Because we are labeled with a very minute segment of society that those such as this author have latched onto and proclaimed as the gospel for all who claim to be Christian. This is the most heartbreaking, frightening article I have ever read. And for the first time, I see who holds the most hatred. Now, after reading this article, I totally understand the ignorance – of BOTH sides. There are many more of us who have not taken sides than it will ever be known. Because the peace that passeth understanding does not take sides – it loves – period. No one who can author or post such articles is no better than the ones they are criticizing. And again, a sad and terrifying situation – for ALL.

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