Posted by: the warrioress | July 9, 2016



While I regret and grieve the loss of the five policemen in Dallas, I also recognize that I am tired of praying, crying, and waiting for necessary change. I don’t want one more death by gun/cop because of the color of a man’s skin! I am tired. TIRED. I will not unify and pretend that everything will be okay; things will not be okay, and most especially if someone like Trump becomes president. I am sick and tired of Christians who are not Christian. I am tired of alleged “patriots,” who claim to love America but hate Americans.

No more prayer, no more sweeping this under the rug. No more police brutality. I want a role model for president…someone who is loving and kind, not hyped up on speed or mania! I want to feel safe in my country. More than anything though, I am tired of being afraid of the people whom I pay taxes to protect and serve –  me and my brothers and sisters, black, brown, yellow, and white.  NO MORE OF THIS!!!!



  1. I will continue to pray. Every journey begins with the first step, are you deciding that you don’t want to join in it? I’m more than happy to lend my hand to help pick someone up and lead them to the right path. I won’t stop because of someone’s stumbling block in my path. God is protecting my walk.

    There are wrongs done every day in the country, that is the fact. But one kind word, a simple smile and a show of encouragement can turn many wrongs around. I will do everything I can to help turn them around. My heart belongs to Him who guides my every move.



  2. Great Blog!!! as usual 🙂 ..and, unfortunately abolitionist john brown’s words still ring true TODAY..”the sins of this guilty land will never be purged but with blood”’s very sad 😦

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