Posted by: the warrioress | October 5, 2016

Trump Says “Apologize for Obamacare!”

not-just-bandaidsI am one of the people who give the ACA created by President Obama a resounding A plus.

Now, of course I realize that there are issues with the Affordable Care Act. Some say the ACA is not affordable at all. I have heard this complaint from Democrats and Republicans alike. I think there is something extremely important to note about the various complaints, however.

Before Obamacare there was REPUBLICAN-CARE…

People were dying under Republican-care. Why? Because the Republicans DON’T CARE. They simply do not care about those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare all on their own. The self-employed, those who are not employed by a large group who can buy into healthcare at a reasonable rate, the poor, or those who fall between the cracks… there was no healthcare for these folks. These folks were dying in the street. NO ONE CARED UNTIL PRESIDENT OBAMA!


For me and my teenage daughter, no one gave a hoot until President Obama.

healthcareMy daughter has severe bipolar disorder. Most people are clueless about what I’ve dealt with all by myself. They have no idea what my daughter has dealt with. And most people do not care. It’s rare when a president actually impacts our lives. President Obama did. I’m not sure what we would have done the last few years without the prescription coverage and the help paying for my child’s monthly hospitalizations. I only know that these are fighting words for me, when someone criticizes this president or the ACA.

Yes, I know it’s not perfect and that it needs some serious tweaking, but it’s a start! Hillary Clinton will work on it and improve it!  The Republicans do not care about those who cannot afford healthcare.

Jesus Christ would have cared. JESUS CHRIST CARES NOW! And I assure you that Jesus is not advocating for the Republican take on the ACA or for Trumpcare.

Trump does not care, and neither does Mike Pence.

 I get really angry when I think about the dark ages before I was able to have affordable health care; I become really resentful and just tired. Mostly I am tired of Christians who are not really Christian at all, and people who would vote for a man who supports a return to those dark ages. I can only pray that God hears my desperate prayer, that He continue to allow the Democrats to help those of us who desperately need someone to care.
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  1. The ugliest problems with Obama-care, as I see it, is the begrudging contributions made by congress and the insurance companies! Could there have been a better way? Probably so, but by the time the Republican resistance ran this through their meat grinder, it wasn’t really even Obama’s anymore. (Except for the fact that he so forcefully and persistently pushed it forward despite the deformities he acquired.)

    I don’t often speak out against or for one side or the other, but this is a case too clear cut not to see it unless you are blinded by your own denial.

    Obama should get credit. He has been unnaturally opposed do the detriment of the nation – probably due to the color of his skin really.


  2. GOD help Hillary !
    Seen from abroad , Trump is as spooky as Vladimir Putin.

    I hope true Christians in America will do the right thing by humbling Trump.. The faux Christians will inevitably follow the false prophets ; the faux Christians always support closet atheists as long as they are rich and vulgar.

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