Posted by: the warrioress | October 12, 2016


rotten_fruitAs a Christian, the choice for the presidency is easily a no-brainer; I have a teenage daughter; hence of course I am not voting for Donald Trump.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton proudly, for a number of reasons:

Hillary Clinton’s ideas and policies are the closet to the teachings of Jesus Christ. She defends children, cares about the poor, seeks healthcare for all, looks to make those who love and have an abundance of money pay their fair share, wants to reduce abortion through education and birth control, and a host of other reasons.

She is experienced, reliable, and has a great work ethic. She already knows how to run the country. She is sane, calm, and rational.

As a Christian, I have to look at the alternative to Hillary and it doesn’t take long to recognize that Donald Trump’s mouth tells us everything we need to know about how he would be as president.

He has already taken advantage of so many women sexually, and bragged about it! By now, we’ve all heard the video tape of Donald Trump talking about grabbing the genitalia of any woman he wants to because he’s a celebrity. He boasted on tape about his perverse abilities to sexually assault women he doesn’t even know! And this is presidential?

He’s potentially also a violent predator! Donald Trump has an upcoming hearing because he is being confronted with evidence showing that he savagely beat and raped a thirteen year old child.

Yes, Donald Trump is going to court for raping a thirteen year old child!  

Where there is smoke, there is often smoldering flame.

0donaldHow is it that someone can run for president when they have a rape hearing coming up in December? Seems mind-boggling, doesn’t it?

As a Christian, when one is picking out a piece of fruit, does one choose the rotten apple, or go ahead and take the apple that may be a little bruised but still fresh? If one wants an apple, the choice is obvious. As a Christian, we surely don’t choose the rotten apple and try to rationalize why it’s smart to eat rotten fruit, do we? So why are so many doing this very thing?

People love the political right-wing because they have been brainwashed that it is the Christian side of the aisle, but this is no longer the reality of the matter!

God is going to give Hillary Clinton the presidency and I am extremely thankful for that; I hope you are going to vote and that you will choose Hillary. I pray that our country will use common sense and reject the bad fruit presented to us as a valid choice.

Matthew 7:18
A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.



  1. I agree. I have three daughters and six sisters. Without women. Our world would be a shallow place. Women are the teacher of love and kindness. Trump is a liar and he had no respect for life.

  2. Hillary defends children? She believes in murdering them in the womb.

  3. Hey Jim 😉
    Long time no see…
    Hillary Clinton loves children, and has attended to their needs throughout her very long career in politics. I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not, but Hillary is actually more conservative-leaning than Trump. She is a moderate and will work eell with Republicans because shes a centrist.

    While she is pro-choice, she is not anti-life at all. She is in favor of reducing abortion in bipartisan fashion, because banning it will not stop abortions from occurring.

    I know you realize that Donald Trump is very much a danger to America, moreso than Hillary Clinton. I know God has told you not to vote for him. Listen to God, Jim. You were right initially.. Trump is Hitler Part 2. It would be like voting for the antichrist.

  4. So glad to hear that you are not voting for Trump,John. Thank you for reading!

  5. Can’t vote for a madman. Hillary will be the same as we have now.

  6. I’m not a Trump fan but you should not post lies. Trump is not going to court for raping a 13 year old. You made that up or got it from the rumor mill and are spreading the false gossip.

  7. I posted the link with the proof that Donald Trump has a hearing scheduled with a judge and attorneys to answer to the lawsuit brought against him by a plantiff, who alledges he raped, restrained, beat, and threatened her when she was just thirteen. The papers have been filed. One can read the court documents to get the dirty details. Yes, Jim Finn Jr. , this is what you voted for; this is what you have put into office.

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