Posted by: the warrioress | November 2, 2016

Election Around the Corner!

daughter-of-the-kingI hope all of my readers are well. I bet most of you are ready for this election to be a thing of the past; I know I am.

I seem to have lost some followers along the way, not just here on the blog, but also on Facebook. I’m not exactly a low profile type of Christian, and it’s pretty obvious that a great majority of those who identify as Christian are proudly voting for Donald Trump this election; I am really not at all surprised, to the tell the truth.

However, I do admit to an inability to digest the fact that American Fundamentalist, Evangelical, Religious Right Christianity doesn’t care if they resemble Jesus Christ in word and deed anymore. I have now also realized that it’s fairly pointless to even exchange thought on this topic anymore with the majority of my fellow believers.

What happens when I have tried to share my thoughts with them is argument, flaring tempers, stubborn unwillingness to look at the other side, and even I am often  guilty of these. I think we are all rooted in and solidly anchored within who we believe, and are choosing to stand by, politically-speaking.

At this point, all I can say is “May God have mercy on us, regardless of who wins this election, and may HE remain at the helm of America, despite the declared winner upon this transient, unreliable earth.  May God reach out to those who understand His words within the Holy Bible, and soften the hearts of those who truly do not, who are somehow actually being deceived. May God please take the blindfolds off of the deceived’s eyes, if it be His will, and bring them into His truth, in the blessed name of Jesus Christ our Lord.”

If anyone is interested in my particular take on why I am choosing to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and am leaning firmly liberal/left as opposed to my brethren on the right, please feel free to ask if you’re sincere and want to know; I will attempt to explain myself as briefly as possible, though if you’ll read many of my recent past postings, I think they speak for themselves.

May God take care of each one of you and may Jesus Christ become the authentic Lord of your lives in word and in deed from now on and past this election.

Whatever the results may be, God’s got us. We belong to Him. He will prevail ….




  1. I voted last week. I split the ticket trying as much as I could tturn change the color of Texas from all red to some blue.

    I believe God will put the right person in office and will live with His choice. His will be done! This has been to dirtiest election cycle I have ever seen and I pray people realize how divided America is and how that makes us vulnerable to outside influences .

    Have a great day Adrienne!



  2. Well. We got President-Elect Donald Trump now. What does that mean and what do we do? Just suffer I guess.

  3. Tracy, I’m sure you have probably been in a deep depression, like the rest of over half the country, terrified at whom has been put into office. I am going to attempt to write about this – I’m just honestly not sure where to begin. 😦

  4. I would begin with the fact that the election was lost not by the votes cast, but but by the 47 percent of registered voters who stayed home and didn’t vote. Then I would remind the people we put the folks in Congress that write and pass these laws that limit our rights and if we continue to hold our voices we are going to lose many more over the next couple years. The President elect has promised to attack our 1st, 4th, 5th 6th 7th and 14th Ammendment rights. We need to stay on Congress to prevent that from happening.

  5. I agree with you, Edwin, one hundred percent.

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