Posted by: the warrioress | February 15, 2018

Remove Your Child From School Today!

Unfortunately, due to the imbalance of power in our legislature, nothing will be done to protect your children from the next school shooting. Statistically, there will be another slaughter with more dead children by one week from now. Who will die next?  What state?  How many teachers and children will be murdered? We are playing a very deadly game of chance with the precious lives entrusted to us as parents.

Remove your children from school today, an arrange temporary care for them with a neighbor, daycare, babysitter, etc. until you can put your child into online school temporarily. The K-12 online school system is free and quite good. Once thousands of parents mass-remove their children from the war zone these deadly, dangerous, public schools have become, legislators will enact change.

Do something today. Act. And in the future, vote for candidates that support common sense gun legislation; in other words, vote blue in the upcoming midterm election on November 6, 2018, so we can make all schools safe again. For now, though, you as a parent must protect your children from serious, deadly danger. I am not hyperbolizing. Get your children out of these schools and out of danger today.

Online school,  free and excellent,  safe.


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