Posted by: the warrioress | September 23, 2020

Illegitimate Election 2020?

Trump & Republicans are committed to cheating to win our 2020 election. They are demanding a more conservative Supreme Court because Trump plans to challenge the election when he loses. I cannot believe we as a nation can have no peace as to the guaranteed legitimate outcome of our election. Things have never been this way until the cheating monster, Trump, infiltrated the presidency. This is a Hitler in sheep’s clothing. If there is an Antichrist, Trump is it. Who could be more evil? He has no conscience, no moral compass to follow, and his followers have traded theirs in order to follow him.

This is enough to bring the sanest to anger, depression, fear, and hopelessness. For those of us who seriously trust & believe in God, we must cast our vote and trust that God is aware of what is occurring in this election. God, through man, warned us in the Book of Revelation what would happen here on Earth. He told us ahead of time that it would appear as if Satan was in charge, and at the very helm orchestrating everything, but God promised us that this is temporary; if God allowed it to endure there would be no humanity left. Remember this, no matter what happens, everybody. All we can do is vote and trust God. God’s real followers, (not the false-Christians), will be rewarded if we endure to the end of this nightmare. Do not be afraid, brethren. God’s got us.



  1. Vote!!!! We need to vote everyone of them out of office and put in new blood. Gods will be done. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Leaders must always set an example ,sinners must not be unpunished. Trump has challenged the basic rules of leadership and now he has to pay the price of his sin for downplaying Covid and exposing his people to the pandemic. Let’s hope that in November the Covid will get rid of the arrogance of this man then will make America great again.

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