Posted by: the warrioress | March 18, 2022

Our Beloved Lord

Our Beloved Lord

Beyond the fears of war, and the daily loss of our human brothers and sisters in the flesh, our minds can become paralyzed due to even the fear of our own loss of life. This beautiful, precious life we live is brief, and is but an instant in the complexity of time. I defer therefore to my Father, when waves of anxiety wash over and through me; when fear stops my breath, and I know not where to hide or run, I will pause and reflect upon Him.

Real love knows “a peace that passeth all understanding.” I will do the next right thing and kneel to pray, praise, and trust in Him. Life is beautiful, as it is meant to be with Christ as my guide, thus even in the most fearful occasions, I choose only to please Him, daily, allowing His word to be my lamp forward.


  1. In such troubled times , your President is doing a great job. Be proud of him ;Joe Biden makes America great again.

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