Posted by: the warrioress | September 26, 2017

Evil Rising

Hate incarnate is running America; it’s like some kind of Star Trek episode, whereby an entity is laughing in glee as it takes over the country. It’s manipulating events through the current (illegitimate) “leader of the free world.”

Call it “Satan,” call it whatever you want but it thrives and feeds on rage, fear, hate, anger, and everything that hurts. It grows as we sate its hunger. It is growing more and more every day.

One can see it in action within Trump’s divisive rhetoric, but its not limited to just Trump. It’s in this world, everywhere and we have to fight it. It’s within people who brutalize and murder others because of race, because they can. It’s a real life horror flick, and the only way to get rid of it is to starve it out– to choose to turn to love, decency, and the epidemy of pure goodness. We cannot defeat this until we recognize it for what it is.

I do not want to encourage it on my site or in my life. Instead I am calling it out. Evil is rising and we have to resist as it spreads and attempts to infect our neighbors in this country, and in this world. Know your enemy. We cannot let it win.


  1. Read the book of Amos.

    Short book. Wont take long.

    Some bits you might not understand. Some bits you might think don’t apply.

    But most of it you will understand. Most of it you will find applies and doesn’t even need explanation.

    Anyway, I say this because you don’t really need to appeal to Star Trek. God’s Word already spoke here a long time before Roddenberry ever was dreamed of, much less dreamed.

    Just sayin’…

  2. I bet Trump thinks the next book in the Bible written by a minor prophet is the Book of Andy..You know: Amos N’ Andy. I don’t know if I can take three more years of this. Every time I turn on my favorite news channel, the only show on is “The Donald Trump Show.” Sad.

  3. Since the installation of Trump in office vulgarity became the new standard. From abroad it is very soothing to hear the voice of good Christian Americans like you. God bless you !

  4. Diana Lipford
    25 mins ·

    I’d like to see what all of these keyboard warriors that are so bent over social injustice and racism have done lately for their local society. When was the last time they volunteered at a soup kitchen, a shelter, a CHURCH? When was the last time they donated money to help the oppressed? When was the last time they gave the gospel? When was the last time they helped an impoverished family with food or paid a bill or helped them out with gas money? I am not being facetious here… lets take a minute to brag on those who have. If you are out there trying to make a difference, then you have a right to holler about it. I mean, if you stop and bought food for someone who was hungry, visited a shelter this week, paid someones electric bill two weeks ago, shared the gospel with hurting folks – stand up and shout about it! Hey, it doesn’t take money to make a difference… even an hour a week set aside to help others is great. In fact, I believe that time is just as precious as money… But if all you can do is repost and regurgitate things on Facebook – things that do nothing but stir the pot – well, you really aren’t helping combat all of these social injustices you are screaming about, are you? A little repost isn’t going to make a difference in someones life, and it isn’t going to stop racism, and it isn’t going to help the poor and oppressed. “It will make people aware” – you say… great. The nation is clearly aware. Now do something about it.

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