Posted by: the warrioress | November 11, 2020



As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, who tries to faithfully follow Him to the best of my ability, I have wrestled with how to deal with the seventy million who voted for Trump, now and in the future. Unfortunately, many of these Trump voters live in an alternative reality, which seems akin to a kind of paranoid schizophrenia almost.

In other words, these folks are essentially mentally ill; they cannot accept our daily reality. While I feel pity and concern for these voters, I have been there, most recently when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, even though she won the popular vote. I understand how they feel.

I never accepted Donald Trump as my president, but not because I did not accept the reality that he won our 2016 election. I believed that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, without a doubt, but I always accepted the reality that Trump beat Hillary in the electoral college. I refused to accept Trump as the leader of the United States because of his character, lack of ethics, and his psychopathic way of actually being president. Trump’s tweets and commentary made me ashamed to be an American. Trump’s policies and his irreverent lying day after day, made me physically sick to my stomach. I was tormented by this individual nearly every day for his entire presidency; I was also afraid of him and fearful of his being at the helm of our nation.

Trump’s voters are absolutely beginning to appear psychotic. Many are mentally disturbed and violent; they are blatant liars in denial about a daily reality that we have to all agree upon in order to live “normally” together in this country. Trump voters are, at this point, as crazy as Trump is. Thankfully, some of the conservatives that voted for Trump, recognize the mental sickness within these abberant folks and are not going along with those who cannot accept reality. We have to move forward with these sane people and pray for the sick that are mentally incapable of living in our real world.

The real world is that Joe Biden won the popular vote AND the electoral college vote, and he is going to be our new president upon January 20, 2021. The sick who threaten to kill Democrats, spill blood, and start another civil war, must be warily observed, but gently brought back to reality. They are sick. They must be treated with tough love, told the truth, and always watched with caution. They should not be coddled, but we must try and treat them with kindness, and humanity. We have to move forward, despite their …problem.


  1. Great post! Some people never face reality; always living in a bubble. It’s sad, truly.

  2. Thanks GOD this time Putin could not vote to elect your president .

    Abroad we have followed your election closely because Trump is scary everywhere. In Europe we also have racist, misogynistic, demagogic, lawless, populists who are inspired by the evil methods of your FORMER President. Christians around the world thank the American people for ousting Putin’s atheist. We need good allies to heal this world that is really, really bad.

    Now it is time to make America decent again. May GOD help you.

  3. Thank you, Serendipity!! We are thrilled but obviously wary and concerned with Trump’s determination to overturn our legitimate fraud-free election. We do not believe he will be successful but he is vigilant in trying with his many legal teams. Keep praying for America, please. We need it!

  4. Yes, I keep praying for your country like I do regularly for men and women of good will.

    Most countries in the European Union, NATO and even China have recognized Trump’s defeat, the loser in chief of the year 2020. So I’m confident for Joe Biden, I don’t see where Trump could go on an official trip apart from Putin. So relax and enjoy victory, but one must always stay alert because Putin is still in power, he’s vicious , tricky and resourceful. He is a former KGB officer : an atheist. This speaks volume.

  5. It is interesting that you start with how to ‘deal with’ seventy million trump voters. In my experience (having campaigned hard for a Labour government in the UK and seeing a Tory landslide) most individuals simply do not understand politics. They don’t understand that the rich ruling class will always look after their own interests – or they accept that that is just the way it is. They don’t think beyond the superficial, and they love it when someone in power says what they’d like to say as a rant (because they don’t think through the issues). They are just trying to put food on the table, and don’t have the luxury of time to really understand – they read the headlines to find out what they should think. They don’t like being told their idiots (even if they are). And the right are excellent at playing to these characteristics.

    BUT – they are still God’s children. And if God wanted this world to be perfect He wouldn’t have made it like this. So perhaps the question is, why did God design us to behave like this? (Why did he give us self awareness and free will perhaps?)

    God bless.

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