Posted by: the warrioress | October 19, 2019

Moral Conservatives?

American’s Conservatives are taking a stand, either to allow Trump unfettered access to continue his criminal conduct as the Leader of the free world, or they are stepping up and speaking out against him. It’s a relief to see some showing a semblance of morality/decency.

Unfortunately, there are those Conservatives that want their conservative agenda carried out, no matter what crimes are committed by the “President” in office — and there will be no changing their minds; I have cared about some of these people enough to try to talk with them at length, to try to get them to come to their senses, but alas, it has not made a difference for them. This makes me very sad.

I can only pray that enough of the Conservatives in this country, who still seem to have a modicum of moral fiber, do what they should for America, and remove this insane, illegitimate “President” from the White House. Without question, based upon our Intell, Trump was put into office with Russia’s help, and everything he has done since seems to assist Vladimir Putin’s agenda for America.

Congress must try to and get Trump out as soon as possible, and wise, sensible, unselfish Republicans, who have finally come to their senses, must join Democrats and remove him in an impeachment trial that will culminate in and be held in the Senate.

I hope it is possible to also remove the other criminal elements involved, like Pence, Barr, Pompeyo, Muldowny, etc., and keep Rudy Giuliani far, far away from our White House and its policy-making in the future. All of this has to happen soon for the good of this country, and an increasingly confused and divided citizenry.


  1. Good to read you again.

    From abroad we have heard of Trump religious counselor named Paula White. L😭L ! As if Trump is or was a Christian someday.
    Any atheist can speak in the name of Our Lord, but this doesn’t mean that there will be no consequences. The faux Christians have absolutely no idea how and when the punishment will strike them.

  2. Thank you, Serendipity! Great to be back! 😘

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