Posted by: the warrioress | October 28, 2022

The Antichrist Cometh

The mid-term election is upon us, setting things up for the potential return of Donald J. Trump.

Trump, who has misled and fooled countless who identify as “Christian,” but their identification as Christian is in name only!

Real Christians, have already seen the red flags. Biblical prophecy told us of his rise; the bible shared the signs that would warn us. Too many are already worshipping this beast, Donald J. Trump; they will not listen to reason or rational discussion. They are under a spell, a delusion.

Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ & memorize His precious Word daily. Be not afraid, but instead trust the Holy Spirit, who lives within the hearts of those who know Him. Real Christians will not be fooled by Donald Trump, his lies, or his cult-like following.

May God bless and keep you close to Him within our Lord Jesus Christ, always.

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