– My Side of the Story –

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Here is my side of the story…..
From a very young age, I was alone.
Nobody cared. No one was there.
I was cast out on the side of the road, surviving, just a child.
My life was a living hell.
I screamed out from my heart “Save me!”
No one cared. No one heard my cry….
Somewhere out there, a light came on and He looked down upon me, quietly.
Suddenly a car stopped; the car door opened.
The brunette that looked out had kind eyes; her husband was soft spoken as he offered me a ride.
I got in.
A few hours later, I discovered God had a name and that He had been waiting for me to come to Him all along.
I had never been alone. Somebody cared.
He was there.
the runaway

the runaway

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Would you like to find God as I did? The Lord Jesus Christ awaits you, 24/7, and is always available to you. Please read through the following posting and you’ll be able to do as I did and find Christ. Everything changes when you do. And it does change for the better.

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Hey Warrioress, THis is a moving story, but how much of it is poetic, metaphorical, and how much of it is real with concrete details. Getting picked up along the road is kind of scary. How old were you? The concrete details you can give, the more compelling the story becomes. You have succeeded in intriguing readers, but I think we are left a bit unsatisfied because we’re wondering what the whole story was. I was a journalist before and one of the rules of journalism is to leave no question unanswered in your story. I don’t mean to offend your artistic talent. I only mean to help where I see great potential… Hope I don’t hurt you.

  3. Hi Mustard Seed Budget!

    My story is real. I suppose I have put it into a type of poetry format here. I haven’t included any gory details as that would be enough writing for a book; this is basically just an introduction or a peek into what occurred to me as a child.

    Suffice it to say that I began running away from home at the age of eleven. By fourteen, I left home for good. By sixteen I had foster parents and was a child “in the system.” I’m leaving out lots of drama from eleven to sixteen, as I was on the streets the majority of that time. Needless to say, it was a hellish childhood.

    I’ve intentionally left out the details as it’s not a pretty picture. I’ve shared this story with few, primarily those within my inner circle. If I can figure out how to sit down and write this in an appropriate way, I may. Right now, though, the idea of sharing everything with everyone seems.. a little overwhelming. I haven’t felt led by God to do so, thus far. I sure do appreciate your interest, though, and I’m flattered you want to know more. God bless, hon.

  4. Colour your dream,

    Thank you so much.. I appreciate it.

  5. Wow, I had not seen this. I guess I was in the middle of my final Winter deadline for school when you posted it.

    You must have been a tough little cookie to run away at 11. That’s when things got really rough for me, too. I remember going to the home of a friend’s dad when I was that age at about 5 am one morning. My mom had called the police on me. I put my hand up to the door, but before I knocked, I remembered I was only 11 and pretty sure no one would believe me over anything my Mom said. So I went back home again to face the music.

    I always wanted to run away but I was scared. When I was 15 I knew I couldn’t live with my mom anymore but was too old for a foster home. Even though my stepmother hated me, my dad took me in saying, “you can do these next 3 years standing on your head.” So that’s what I did, a mini-prison sentence, living in the junk room pretending to be part of his family.

  6. Thank you for such honesty.
    I don’t know too many people who were terribly abused as children, and had nobody at all to help them. This is true in my case. Many people were abused but they had someone, someone out there that helped them. Not me. I had to raise myself. I feel pretty messed up still, even as I approach 60, because I raised myself. I met Jesus at the age of 27. God eventually was able to reach me where I could reach Him back. It took 2 years of sobriety [I’m a super-alcoholic] before I was conscious enough to hear His voice.

  7. Robin,

    I sure do relate to what you’ve commented here. I didn’t have anyone to help me either until the day that God seemingly intervened and sent someone along. The individuals He sent were strong Christians and they brought me to a well known Christian minister/woman who prayed for me and led me to Christ. I’ve never been the same since. My life has never been the same, though I’ve strayed, backslid, and lost my way a many times upon this journey. God always puts me back onto the narrow road straight and true, thank goodness.

    I too understand the journey of sobriety and with over twenty years of sober living under my belt now, I know exactly what you mean. Congrats on the two years, btw! God bless you greatly.

  8. You are an amazing woman, with an amazing testimony. I have had an amazing journey as well. I have walked where others might not dare to trespass.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continue to bless you and yours always.

  9. Thanks for the follow. May God bless you on your life’s journey!

  10. Thanks for sharing your story. May God bless you and you encourage so many for Him…..

  11. Hey… I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile. I just wanted to tell you: my daughter was abducted from her school on June 15. She’s 11. Tomorrow is her sixth grade graduation and she won’t be there, because her father wanted to show her off to his friends on Father’s Day. He got a custody order from out of state and his intention is that she never see me or speak to me again. Please look for me on FaceBook if you want to know more.

    All the chaos in my life has made it difficult for me to reach out to friends in the way normal people do, which is why you haven’t heard from me in probably over a year. Keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you, OK?

  12. Valerie, so sorry to hear about this. I will definitely keep you and your daughter in my prayers. I will also look for you on FB.

  13. Please do… friend me and share my recent post. Thanks!

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