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The Cult of Urantia

The Urantia Book

 The Urantia Book is something that is supposedly complimentary to the bible, and claims to offer a new way of perceiving the bible. The opposite, in fact, is true.

Urantia is a cult.

There are people pushing this book all over the internet and they are very persuasive in their proselytizing. It’s always wise to do one’s due diligence upon something before one falls for it, though.

I hope that The Urantia Book will not be the exception, in this regard.

It’s easy to research this and read through the variety of opinions about what it is offering. I’m going to include one of the written reviews below that I found helpful, that I feel is valid, and probably on target.

—- —- —- —- —-


This fast growing cult is considered a “new age”, UFO cult.  It is based on a book called the “Urantia” book. The word “Urantia” is allegedly an ancient name for the Earth.   This cult is also known as the “Urantia Society”, “Urantia Foundation”, “Urantia Fellowship”  and the “Urantia Brotherhood”.  Like other cults that claim extra-Biblical revelations, it is claimed that the Urantia book compliments the Bible, and that Christians should not be wary of it.  But in reality, the Urantia book is in direct conflict with the Bible on many important doctrines, including the most important one which is the issue of salvation from eternal damnation in Hell through faith in Jesus Christ.  

 The false “Jesus” of the Urantia book

One thing all cults get wrong is who Jesus is, and what his his role or purpose is in our salvation.  The Urantia book is no exception.  The Jesus of the Urantia book is not the same Jesus of the Bible.  In fact they are polar opposites.  If Satan can simply get us to believe in a false, repackaged Jesus, he can effectively lure us away from being saved through faith in the real Jesus of the Bible.  Some of the links in the Critical examination of the Urantia book section below explain in more detail who the Jesus of the Urantia book is, and why following that false Jesus will lead you into an eternity of damnation in Hell.  These next two links will go into details about how to tell a counterfeit Jesus from the real one:

How to Test the Spirits (see section II.A titled, How Do They View the Son of God?)

The other Jesus of Cults (RealAudio files – Tape #5 of a 12-part tape series titled Identifying and Dealing with Cults) 

The Urantia Book claims that the Bible was authored by “primitive” humans.  Consider this quote from page 60 as an example:Religious tradition is the imperfectly preserved record of the experiences of the God-knowing men of past ages, but such records are untrustworthy as guides for religious living or as the source of true information about the Universal Father. Such ancient beliefs have been invariably altered by the fact that primitive man was a mythmaker “.Christians can take great comfort in knowing with absolute certainty that this statement is false as far as the Bible is concerned.  There are several solid reasons for knowing that the Bible was written by men who were inspired by God Himself, and that it could not possibly have been authored by humans alone.  This is important for two reasons.  First, God gave us the Bible long before Satan gave us the Urantia book, and it contradicts the Urantia book on many significant doctrines. Second, the Bible contains many warnings about false doctrines (like the Urantia book), and spells out exactly how we are to identify and respond to them. Please see our Our statement of faith for an explanation of why you can be confident that the Bible, not the Urantia book, is God’s only revealed truth to us.

Masterpiece of Deception

The Urantia book may be one of Satan’s greatest masterpieces of deception.  It is so seductive because it cleverly plays on many human emotions.  

Satan understands the intense curiosity that humans posses and he plays to it by spinning elaborate fairy tales of other universes, inhabited planets, hierarchies of spiritual beings, etc. in the Urantia book.  Most of the Urantia book flies in the face of God’s statement to us in Deuteronomy 29:29, which says, “The secret [things belong] unto the LORD our God: but those [things which are] revealed [belong] unto us and to our children for ever, that [we] may do all the words of this law“.

This book is especially seductive to people who are already predisposed to believing in UFO’s and extraterrestrials. People who believe in any of the various Christian compromises with evolution are also more vulnerable to being deceived by it.   This massive 2,097 page book is so rich in information and details that it would take years to try to understand it all.  That’s part of what keeps its supporters coming back year after year to learn more.   

Satan plays on our fears in the Urantia book by soothing us with lying reassurances that Hell does not exist, and by focusing on God’s love and mercy while distracting us away from God’s judgment and wrath against those who do not accept Jesus as their savior.  

He plays to our pride and or desire for power by telling us that those who study the Urantia book are more highly evolved and enlightened than those who believe in that allegedly outdated book, the Bible. 

He exploits our desire to trust by false reassurances that these extra-Biblical revelations compliment the Bible. 

He plays to our desire to be loved by mixing in messages of love with the poison that will ultimately lead to a spiritual death in Hell.



  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I feel God is bringing many false doctrines and teachings into the light right now. I was reading in 2 Peter last week. Two verses especially struck me. The 1st was 2 Pet. 1:21 which talks about men being carried along by the Holy Spirit. The 2nd was 2 Pet. 3:17 which warned against being carried away by the error of lawless men. We have 2 options: be carried along by God through His Spirit in us or be carried away by and drowned in the vicious lies of the enemy. I see God shining His light brighter on all the ways Satan is working to lure people away and deceive them. I have been hearing more about witchcraft and other “spiritual” practices of late. We, as Christians, must wake up and pray so that we do not fall into temptation and are not deceived, and we must pray fervently, without ceasing for the souls of those who are lost and getting ensnared by these lies! Thank you, warrioress! And, may our Lord Jesus Christ protect you and lead you this week in His will for His glory!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Sounds like something attractive for those with “itching ears”.

  3. Thanks for the info.

  4. When I was still a Christian, attending a Methodist church, I was approached by someone in the congregation who asked me if I wanted to attend a meeting about the Urantia book. I don’t remember exactly how I was convinced to attend, but it was made to seem like an interesting, fun sort of meeting, so I went.

    I remember getting to the meeting, starting to read through the book (and listening to the discussion), and thinking “what on earth are these people on about?”.

    I asked them who authored the book, and they responded by asking why that was important. I was a little taken aback that this was not obvious to them, but I tried to explain that the credibility of a book depends to a large extend on the experience, knowledge, etc., of the person who wrote it.

    No one ever got around to telling me who the author was, and I sat awkwardly through the meeting feeling like I had stumbled upon a group of deranged madmen.

    In short, I can testify from by brief first hand experience that Urantia appears to be utter nonsense.

    What I did *not* see, however, were the typical signs of a cult. In fact, the meeting format was no different from that of a conventional Bible Study. The only difference is that it wasn’t the Bible, it was the Urantia Book. I was not pressured to attend any more meetings – indeed, there was very little proselytizing of any kind.

    A cult, as the term is usually used these days, refers to a sect that tends to cause harm to its members by isolating them from society or threatening punishment if they leave. Cults also tend to have a single charismatic leader who exercises absolute authority over his or her followers. I’m not sure that the Urantia community fulfills any of these criteria.

    For sure, the Urantia book contradicts the Christian message in many ways. But so also do Islam and Judaism, which both share some of the Bible’s narratives. Are these cults too?

  5. Hey warrioress. I wanted to “introduce” you to a fellow blogger who loves the Lord. His name is Watchman. Here is a link to a post of his about a huge witchcraft festival that took place in London a few days ago:
    I have had 3 people (including you :)) tell me about 3 different false teachings/workings of Satan in the past week. I don’t think that is a coincidence. God is exposing things and calling us to prayer and action! We must stand together in the name of Jesus! Thanks again for this post.

  6. I see God instilling great passion with each of us who have committed ourselves firmly to the path He leads. I think God is using us as He has never before because as you said, the time is short. And yes, we must pray fervently, and for those of us who cannot do actual missions, we must write fervently. God will use our writings to reach those whom He is drawing to Himself.

    Thank you so much for your service to our Lord, WP. May God bless you greatly. And thank you for reading here and commenting 😉

  7. Servant of Christ,

    Blessings that you found the information worthwhile. And yes, I agree. It seems Satan is always looking for something that will please and draw in the world in order to deceive and trick them. Thank you so much for commenting, my friend.

  8. You’re most welcome, LeRoy! Thank you for commenting too.

  9. Kpharri, thanks so much for stopping by here and commenting. I appreciate your thoughtful remarks here.

    I’m not sure how to classify Urantia, other than something that is attempting to twist and degrade the bible, and thus this tells me it is what I would refer to as a “false gospel.” I don’t know the various followers, of course, so some may be more zealous than others, as with any religion. What concerns me, though, is that this belief system is attempting to alter the bible and infer that it is compatible with Christianity, the Bible, and thus real Christians; I know for a fact that it is not.

    I thik we’re living in a time where there are many false teachings that would lead the real Chrisitian away from God, not toward Him. This is my primary concern in writing about it. I would like people to be careful in regard to Urantia and not plunge headlong into anything without careful analysis first.

  10. Hi, WP, I appreciate the introduction and I stopped by his blog and checked it out. It was well done and I left a comment. I’m following him as well. Thanks again for your intro and for following and commenting here.

  11. You are welcome 🙂 I feel God connecting us all in new and different ways – one of which is blogging. He uses everything for His good purpose! He will unify His church! He will mobilize His body! I have really felt the love of the Father, been kept abreast of current events & received some good resources through Watchman. I can already see something similar in your blog, although with your unique touch and way. I really want us all to be the different parts of the body of Christ that we were made to be and work together in unity and full submission to Jesus with Him as our Head.Thank you for being obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit! God bless you, warrioress.

  12. Warrioress – your point it well taken. Trying to alter any message by subterfuge is dishonest. So is trying to gain followers by deceiving them into thinking your message is not that different from the one they already believe in.

  13. Another one? Truly the lucifer legions are devious in playing thier puppets creating all sorts of fallacious lies in order to suck in more unwary into hell.

    Thank you Warrioress, for writing this. Truly I know all the years of horror, sci-fi, mysteries, have prepared me for the different between truth and lies, and I am deeply appreciative that being deaf I uses my eyes and my brains to discern the truth of Jesus and the lies of the idiot lucifer/satan and his equally idiots legion.

    I have yet to find a good bible study group herebouts, especially ones who likes and loves the King James Bible book, and would not mixes in so-called psychics prophets like Ellen G. White… I’m sorely disappointed, but not surprised, so I stay separate fromt his world, waiting to meet REAL Christians who knows that mixing this with that is not good, that the Bible is perfect, no need for more endless editions, as modern day “bibles” does… Oh well.

    So it’s good that you found something I had never though would ever even be written, another lie wrapped conveniently with Christianity, yet are lies through and through. Good to know, thanks.

    May Lord Jesus wakes them up who wishes to wakes up… even if some are unwilling to turn from lucifer’s lying signs and wonders… Oh well.

  14. 13 years ago, I attended a church called, “Unity Church”. The book store sold books about grues, crystals, and other than Christan religions. I could not get them to order me a Bible.

    One day I told the girl in the book store that Unity was not a christian church. She said it was. Just then one of the pastors came by and I asked him if unity was a christian church, an he said no, that it was not a christian church, but was a church based on some of the teachings found in the Bible.

    I took a course with them called, “A Course In Miracles”. This book was supposed to have been written by Jesus when He possessed a woman in 1964.

    But when I started reading the Bible, I found out that the Jesus in the Course of Miracles was not the Jesus in the Bible. GOD told me not to just throw the book away, but to cut each page into little pieces so no one else would be effected by the books lies.

    I enjoyed this post, and the Holy Spirit, jumped in me as I read what you wrote. Keep on bringing the GLORY to Jesus.

    Ernie E.
    A servant of Jesus the Christ

  15. not reading the book and being judgemental, wow

  16. Actually, I’ve scanned the book at length. I didn’t feel the need to read the entire thing. I could quickly tell it was bogus.

  17. has anyone considered the possibility that the ‘holy’ bible and christianity is in fact the most effective tool used by satan? this is a concept i have seriously contemplated for some time.

  18. Hmm. Todd Russell, sorry it took so long to reply. I have considered such. I think we have to trust in something though, and I have to believe that at the minimum, the King James Version bible is close enough to the message of Jesus Christ that His apostles shared that we can trust it. If we’re led by our heart, we won’t go far wrong. Thanks for sharing here!

  19. What we see in any book, be it the bible or the Urantia Book, is only a reflection of how we see ourselves. I personally found God to be much more loving in the Urantia Book than I did in the bible.

  20. the philosophies found in the UB are much more sound than that found in what is known as the bible. HOWEVER, the source cannot be verified, nor can the information pertaining to the history of the human race.
    Unlike the bible (old and new testament) the UB explains, but cannot justify the brutality inflicted by and upon humans who follow many other religions. (including but not limited to christianity and islam)

    Many followers of this book also completely deny the possibility of re-incarnation (multiple incarnations decided on an individual level between lives), in which way too much evidence exists to outright dismiss because some book states otherwise….like any other religion/cult, the UB attracts those who can’t think objectively and who base their reality on the experience of another. Great book, MUCH better read than the bible,and many of it’s philosophies calibrate to a higher degree of truth than other religious texts i have studied…. but still, no way to confirm its validity other than personal faith.

  21. ….as for the king james version, just as bogus as any other, written/edited nearly 1500 years after the fact, and done so to suit the agenda of the ruling class….classic approach/creation of any religion.
    no worse, no better, but equally baseless.

  22. It’s not a UFO cult. I’ve read the Christian bible 90 times cover to cover and the Urantia Book five times cover to cover. The Urantia Book is relevant.

  23. Again, the Christian bible says that the spirit of anti-Christ is that spirit that does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh. The Urantia book says that Jesus has come it the flesh and that no one can come to God the Father except through Christ. It also says that the Christian churches of today have taken in some pagan practices.. such as the December birthday of Jesus, and Easter (Astarte, Ashtoreth, Ishtar). That was helpful in the days of Paul the apostle in getting pagans to join the church. The trade-off was that the pagans stopped doing the more disgusting practices involved in paganism when they became Christians.
    The church in the ancient region of Philiadelphia is mentioned in the Book of Revelation as keeping the true teachings of Christ. The area was east of the Jordan. The Urantia Book says that Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, escaped there when the Sanhedrin was going to murder him because people believed in Jesus because of him.
    The Christians in Philadelphia did not agree with Paul’s compromises. But the true faith will win out eventually despite those compromises.
    It also says that Jesus’ father Joseph was killed in a construction accident and that Herod would not give the family the money Joseph had earned. That is one reason why Jesus later called Herod a fox.
    It states that Jesus had female disciples and that he gave them equal authority with the men. That authority was later forgotten. Mary Magdalene was a chief speaker among. them.
    It says that the senior Herod killed about 16 Hebrew infants when he was searching for Jesus near the time of his birth.
    Lake Van, in Armenia, was named after one of the loyal followers of God who remained loyal when Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil rebelled.
    The rebel forces were in Northwestern Syria on the coast and near the area of modern Kuwait around the Zagros mountains. These were the so-called gods of mythology.
    Eve’s mistake was due to impatience. She had relations with a member of the rebel group and Cain was the result.
    The tree of life was real, The tree of knowledge of good and evil refers to individuals living their lives contrary to God’s guidance.

  24. I was doing some research on Mormonism and found to my surprise, Mormon students at BYU are particularly interested in Urantia as a fulfillment of a prophecy they believe about a final revelation to come. One cult embracing another cult. I ran into Urantia in the 1970’s at a Christian college and immediately realized it was cult-based. The primary issue I have with all cults like this (including Mormonism), is they reject Christ’s total atonement for sin through faith.

  25. remember, christianity began as a cult, and through the ages became perverted through political agendas and pagan rites. nothing about modern christianity can be recognized as authentic or even valid, when compared to the true teachings of Jesus. The Urantia book is the only source that is consistent with the integrity found in the real teachings of Christ Michael.

  26. In my opinion all religions are a cult- created by man to gain control over the masses. The first time man wondered what he was doing here and the reason why was when he looked up at a night sky filled with stars and the moon. I can only imagine what was going through his mind as he pointed out various things he saw up there to the others who were around him. In man’s attempt to understand himself religion was born. The primitive man didn’t know what a God was. He didn’t know what ,in the future, would be taught to millions and be carried down til this very day. Perhaps if he had known he would have elected to leave it alone. Over the centuries so many have been put to death for what they believe in by the very ones who have preached the word and understand the difference between right and wrong.
    I was raised a Catholic and left- I became a born again Christian and left. Now I am just a human being who looks up at the night sky and sees the same thing as primitive man did and I don’t wonder ,I know that something bigger than myself is there. I sent out messages to the universe and I pray in my own way. There will always be opposites-black and white, good and bad- the only decision we have to make is to decide which side we’re on.

  27. Hi Sharon. How nice of you to respond. Your comments about looking up at the night sky, are great. I’m a former atheist, biology degree so love the fact that God is the greatest Scientist. Couple things that bopped into my mind. 1) If you look at the creation events in Genesis you will notice that whomever wrote it (Moses which is Egyptian for “born of” probably had edit), got it right as per science. For example, the Bible is the only religious book of antiquity I know of that gets man at the end of creation and life coming form the sea moving from the sea to land, plants, animals, concluding with man (not part of the creation process). The creation of animals begins in the sea. The first warm-blooded animal is a bird. The warm-blooded animals are introduced in exactly the right order. Both the Bible and the fossil record
    show man to appear on the earth last (not first, as is normal in religious writings). The point to your comment about looking up to the sky..I’ve often asked someone to walk outside look around and write down an exact chronology to creation that matches science. Moses did this 4000 years ago. Incidentally, the mathematical odds that Moses got it exactly right by coincidence are one in 40-million. I’d go with aliens but the same kind of objective criticism works for the claims of Christ.

    Also, Deutoronomy 4:19 says, And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars–all the heavenly array–do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven. (The word “things” in Hebrew means inanimate objects). This is amazing considering when it was penned and when you do look up to the sky at night, as you point out so beautifully, it makes complete sense to believe the planets are alive. Moses’ statement goes against all logic and all other books of knowledge of the time. Hey, thanks for responding, God bless, and appreciate your comments albeit I got on to your blog late. Dave O

  28. Hi Michael:

    Appreciate your comment. As a former card-carrying atheist, I was of the same opinion. I agree Christianity began as a cult to a Judaism that rejected identifying Jesus as Messiah. the problem for your theory is the teachings of Jesus were spread from England to Southern India, from the Caucuses to Ethiopia before the end of the 1st Century. (this can be easily documented and books like da Vinci code are all about money and not scholarship.) When you reverse engineer those teachings from the 1st C found in England, India, Russia, Africa, you get one Christiological doctrine based on the teachings of the 1st C Christianity. This is easy to confirm if you are willing to dive into good academic scholarship. Obviously, many denominations have added / corrupted those original doctrines however many have not. You can find the same doctrines in many modern churches that were preached in the 1st Century. (we are not talking Catholic here) Where I have issue with Urantia (I have read much of it), is in it’s turning Christianity into just another religion rather than evidential faith in the resurrected Christ which offers salvation through Christ’s sacrifice for my sins. The Christ of Urantia is not the Christ of the Bible. The premise we need a better definition of Christ because of corrupted text is common but simply not true. The evidence that we have the original teachings of Christ is extremely strong contrary to popular culture. No one wants to study that. It’s boring to say, yup, the raw evidence shows the documents are original despite what History or Discovery channel purport. It’s not sexy enough and there is no money in it. You and I will probably never agree. God bless.

  29. I have run into a woman on Facebook claiming to be a Christian yet believing the Urantia Book. I submit her rant for your review and point out that she has perfectly illustrated the 5th paragraph under Master Deception.

    Fifth paragraph:

    He plays to our pride and or desire for power by telling us that those who study the Urantia book are more highly evolved and enlightened than those who believe in that allegedly outdated book, the Bible.

    Her rant:

    Jody El I’m a 67yo CHRISTIAN, brought up singing Latin Masses in the Choir w/my Mother and sisters. And, I’m a student of all religions, culminating with The Urantia Book. (Don’t ask; it’s over your head.) Clearly, you don’t get what I think and why I think it. As I stated, I am the descendant of 12 “Mayflower” passengers, and grew up in Lexington, MA, where “the shot fired heard ’round the world” took place. I scanned–lightly–some of your approximately 10 posts to me are nothing more than boring regurgitated rants that I’m not interested in reading. . . .so I won’t. I suggest you mind your own business. I haven’t got time to deal with your dogmatic lectures. Go in peace, and next time, wait until you’re called on. DONE.

  30. Until you read the Urantia book, you will not know.

  31. Ok. I will read the Urantia book.

  32. Thank you for this i amost thought that the stuff i waa reading on a website was really good and then i waa like this is too good to be true and yea i checked it out and i believe its false

  33. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    The Urantia Book (sometimes called The Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955 and gets some interests in certain ‘religious’ groups.

    Those papers of which the authorship remains a matter of speculation have received various degrees of interest, ranging from praise to criticism for its ‘religious’ and ‘science content’, its unusual length, and its lack of a known author.

    The English text became a public domain work in the United States, and in 2006 the international copyright expired, which gave the possibility to spread slowly all over the world.

    The book follows the same false teaching as several Christian religious groups, having a Deity who exist in a Trinity of three so called perfectly individualised persons who would be so called co-equal: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, though who function on a range of different levels of reality, both personal and impersonal.

    The Satan of which is spoken in this reblogged article is the existing adversary of God. For such enemies of God we may not be blind, and we should recognise the dangers in the many books that today even more easily spread by the internet and find their way all over the world.

    For it being important to know such adversaries of God, it is not bad to take some interest in the underneath article and reactions to it.

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