– The Book of Eli –

My blog title and the user name I have chosen are loosely based upon the movie, The Book of Eli.

This doesn’t mean that I am a Dominionist, nor does it mean that I believe in and support Dominionism;  I do not.

I am, however,  a strong believer in the  Holy Bible, and am loyal to the American Constitution and our civil rights and freedoms under this Constitution. The freedom of religion is ours — if we can keep it. 

I believe that it’s quite possible that government may attempt to ban or do away with our bibles in the future.  I believe that they will attempt to do away with the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord. As a bible warrior, I stand strongly behind and for both. I believe I am meant to share the message Jesus Christ has given us within that bible with everyone whose heart is open to it.

God bless you.


  1. I guess we better read those bibles while we can..and memorize them..so we can tell Bible stories to our grandchildren..and pass along the Good News..Like they used to do in the ‘old days’ long ago>>I would like to see the ‘story tellers’ to come back into our way of life..My Dad was one of those types..I loved to listen to his stories…Even some of them were sort of far fetched…lol

  2. In my opinion the biggest mistake The Book of Eli made was using the NEW King James Bible, which is not so new, it’s corrupted, words have been added to or taken out, which is a big no-no with God… God said, not one jot or tittle shall be added nor taken out of the bible, therefore He is LITERATE and spoke PLAIN. When I got my King James Bible, I checked the quotes Denzel spoke and found errors in his recitations that do not matched the exact wording of the King James Bible, which is PERFECT, having been TRIED in the furnace of the earth SEVEN times, therefore being finished and not needing more editing by modern fools for the past hundred years since those two morons, Hort and the other bloke, with their New Age connections thinks they can remake God’s Book into man’s image, that is, lucifer’s traditions…. so here we have it, so many bewildering “versions” of the bible, and which one is corrupted, which one is not? Only one certainty, King James Bible are pure, but all others are not pure. There we have it.

    Watching that Book of Eli movie, I pretended that Denzel was reciting from the real bible, King James Bible, not the so-called New “modern” version, which is corrupted.

    It pays to know the agendas of people, why they push versions and so on. Sometimes, people really do not know the deep facts of the bible’s history, how the New Age thugs hides like cowards in many places, all with one aim, to corrupt, to destroy, and more than anything else, to lead people into fallen times, oftentimes, without their awareness.

    I am and always will be, deeply suspicious of people and their motivations, even some of them do not realise that they’re being manipulated and thus they parrots their views as though it’s theirs yet it was “fed” to them through other inluences and so it goes for hundreds of years, centuries, of insidious evil that are like snakes, sliding through the garden… all with one aim, to leads us away to hell, all because lucifer thinks he’s better than God, and told his first lie to Eve, that we can be like gods.

    The problem with that promise, was that it was a lie. We can never be like gods, for we cannot be gods. We’re living souls, that’s all, perfect in the eyes of God, until lucifer came to destroy us with his sin, and thus the only salvation is through the narrow gate of God, Lord Jesus Christ, and that way, we are saved, no matter what horrors the New Age fools will bring on us, I am proud to go forth and let them hack me down and I know I will be resurrected into an everlasting life with Lord Jesus Christ, and I pity those who put their faith in Lucifer, thinking he can resurrect them and leads them to life everlasting.

    Those who believes in Lucifer through New Age, funny religions, will realised at once when they’re resurrected, not by lucifer, but by Jesus and they will explain their actions to Jesus and Jesus will casts them away, into hell fire, where they will be burned but once, for their second death will be brief, they will be destroyed, their living souls destroyed, along with their master lucifer who they thought was God. Because Heaven cannot tolerate sin, and thus we who are saved, our sins washed away, becomes innocent and thus we’ll be permitted to enter Heaven, at last. And we’ll have a new earth and a new heaven, when this world will be burned up and cleansed of all sins and renewed and built by Jesus and we’ll have new life here, on a new earth.

    Isn’t that great? I would think so, yup!

    So i stick by King James Bible, NOT New King James Bible, these two are light years different. King James Bible words are PURE, not one jot or tittle altered by well-meaning idiots. However, New King James Bible are perverted, words here and there deliberately changed, distorted, plain words replaced by ambigious words, long words, where children would not understand yet childrfen understands the old KJV bible perfectly, yet are confused by the new “modern” “updated” bibles…

    Plain English means exactly that.

    So-called “modern” bibles have destroyed the integrity of plain english that King James Bible have. Archaic words are not really archaic, it means our plain englihs have becomes lacking over the years, what I call STRIPPED down English.

    Legalese have entered into our plain English and we’re confused and sore-headed about it. Better go back to the basics, Plain English, not the silly legalese crap.

    Therefore, King James Bible is plain English, perfect, pure, infallible.

    New King James Bible is not perfect, nor is it pure, and is fallible.

    My source for why I think this is so, is based on my reading of the best work that exposed “modern” bibles – New Age Bible Versions, by G.A. Riplinger, the best definitive work that exposed the lies of those people whose agendas are hidden under their false christianity, for profit, or other less savoury motives and agendas….

    I hopes you will also appreciates http://www.freebibleliterature.com which details why King James Bible are the best of the best! There’s even stories about people attacking King James Bible, in their deluded belief that it’s best to mix-and-match whatever they like, making up their own “religions” which are distorted, corrupted, perversions.

    Jesus hated religions, He do not hold with rituals, idolatry, and the like. All that is a waste of valuable time.

    Just faith and belief in Him and His Book, for us, the English bible, King James Bible, is enough, and gives me peace of mind, no worries!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I have had a sense (best word I can think of) lately that time is precious. We need to write all of God’s word on the tablet of our hearts (or really, allow the Holy Spirit to do it), because we may not always have the access we do now. It’s something that has been on my mind for several weeks now…
    Thank you for your love of Jesus and the Bible. I am with ya, dear sister!!

  4. Sorry to comment again, but I thought you might be interested to hear about this. It’s called Chronological Bible Discipleship. It trains people (in a Bible study type course) how to know and recite the whole Bible as a story. It’s purpose is multi-fold…to teach the people in the course and show how the Bible is God’s story, to help them see how they fit into the story and to train them so that they can go out and share it. Like the first commentor, I think oral storytelling can’t be overrated. It is vital. God’s word needs to be such a fabric of our being, that when we talk, we naturally think and say, “Wow, that reminds me of this story Jesus told…” His word needs to be alive and active in us!

  5. Wow.. you all shared some really interesting thoughts on this, the spreading of the bible. I really appreciate your points of view and suggestions. Thanks!

  6. LOVE that movie!!! I think it is a great example of the moral argument for God as well.

  7. I think you’re right, Josh! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply back to you until now.. blessings for a great new year.

  8. I feel so bad for you poor people. Don’t you ever want to break the shackles and be free? Ever think “what if there are no gods or devils, and I have wasted all this time and energy?”.
    If you were Buddhist, you would be filtering all of your life experiences to confirm your Buddhist beliefs.
    If you were Hindu you would be filtering all of your life experiences to confirm your Hindu beliefs.
    If you practiced African Bantu witchcraft you would be filtering all of your life experiences to confirm your….um…. beliefs.
    What you believe, you will find proof to support that belief. That is how the human mind works.
    Every religion claims that they are the only true and right one.
    Every religion says that their people are special or chosen.
    Every religion tries to keep their people isolated from “non-believers”.
    You should all read about many other religions, the Koran for example, reads much like the bible. A lot of the same cast. Lots of non-believers going to hell, and only the true believers being rewarded with paradise.
    Their religion came after yours. You should read about some of the ones that were around before yours.

  9. Mike, I had such a lengthy reply for you that I decided to post it because it’s something that I feel that many who feel as you do could potentially benefit from. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here with me and I hope my answer is satisfactory to you and that you can accept my feelings.

    Please have a look at the following post:


    And thank you for allowing me to share my faith with you..


  10. It is absolutely rational, logical and plausible that you should ask yourself the same question Mike. The way I see it, for conversation sake, if Christians are wrong (we’re not) then you and all of us will be in the same boat. But if Christians are right (we are) then where will you be Mike, since you don’t believe?

    What will happen when you discover that God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, angels and demons exist? What will happen to you, at the end of your life, when you discover that Jesus is/was the only way to be reconnected to GOD the Father? Will you think: ” I have wasted all this time and energy chasing fairy tales and not believing in Christ!”

    On behalf of all my brethren in Christ it is my sincere prayer that you will find out the truth; believing Jesus and believing in Jesus are the most important decisions you can ever make while you’re still alive! Praying for you!

  11. I just discovered and read this fantastic book; “History of the Cross”, by Henry Dana Ward.

    It blew my mind. The cross of Jesus is not what we think.

    He died on the “stauros” which is not a couple of wood made into a cross. No, no, no. The “stauros” is a “pale”, a stake, a length of wood, that Jesus died on, suffering so terribly, like many did, for “crimes” against the state, or religion, or whatever.

    I found another level of lies that the Christianity has covered itself.

    Do not worship the CROSS! Workship JESUS Himself! Nothing else! Not the CROSS! Not the WOOD!

    Did you know that the real “cross” is X, which is Christ in GREEK! In English, it woulde be “CHR”, that’s what!

    The wood of the cross is an invention of the Romish Church, since they threw away the emperors and took over to rule the world, and they are the harlot, the whore of babylon, the sick mystery whose blood is on themselves… the mark fo the beast is their cross, their evil that they wrought all across the world these thousand years… it was them! IT was them all along!

    The “cross” of the wood, all originates in the Babylon, their god is Tammuz! It’s so simple to see clearly, more and more the veil of lies is falling away, bit by bit.

    I refuse to cross myself, kiss the cross, worship the image, for that is idolatry and evil.

    I worships and loves JESUS, God made manifested in the flesh of man. It is JESUS who is the way, the truth and the life, no other ways than through Him, who saves our souls, washing away our sins, only through His sacrifice, His LIFE he gave, not the wood, not the cross, HIS LIFE! The death and resurrection completes the prophecy of His truth.

    Why did I write this? I see in the side bar, a picture, Jesus + Christ, flashing… I know whoever made that didn’t know the truth of the cross.

    It is abomination to God that man kisses and worships the WOOD of the CROSS, the thing that are not conscious, not awake, unaware of countless pleas of people who cries out to Him, and yet all they was talking to was the WOOD of the CROSS, which was the torture INSTRUMENT that murdered Lord Jesus Christ.

    Would you worship the knife, the gun, the strangling rope that murdered your brother, mother, father, sister, pet? Of course you would NOT! This is the same exact thing that these heathen pagans are doing, right in our faces, all these years, and we’ve been blind, unable to see for what it is. Just like Christmas is the invention of the Romish church, (Jesus was probably born around April), so is this torture instrument, the WOOD of the cross used for worship purposes.

    I had thought of making my own cross to wear around my neck, but after this book, I know what shape I’ll wear, if I ever make one, that is. It will be the Greek letter, X, which stands for CHRIST, not the Romish abomination WOOD of the CROSS.

    It is the “X”, the true representation of Christ, Lord Jesus Christ, the real, the true, the way, the life.

    Did you know that Idolatry “grew into favour by degrees.” It happened, over centuries, slowly, so SNEAKINGLY slowly, these clever pagan priests with their wood of teh cross, their signs of the cross, their incense and chanting their latin words, believing that they, and they alone are the mediators between us ordinary folks and God.

    How foolish they was! They’re STILL foolish even in these days of high strangeness with wars and sins of all descriptions everywhere all over the world, doing their very best to bring ALL religions into one religioin where they’ll control everything, control your life, your health, your money, your souls, yea, even your very thoughts, to turn you into themselves. Like unto like… endless marching armies of morons, kssing and worshipping the wood of the cross, the dumb figure hung there, staring blindly, no measurable intelligent life in those painted wooden figure that they call Jesus on the cross or whatever names they hung on ’em!

    The origin of the cross, the T, came from all the way from Tammuz, whose wife turned him into a religion when he died, claiming her son is the son fo god, and so on and so forth. Imagine that, way back when, years after the Flood made the world new, new people replenish the earh, Babylon rose, and then Tammuz, mighty warrior came alone, got them to build the biggest walls to keep them safe from nasty animals roaring for their flesh, and so they came to adore Tammuz, mighty warrior, and in time turned him into a God, and he married a lowly girl and elevated her to a goddess, and she had a babe, and Tammuz died out there, so to keep her POWER, she invented a religion. THus born the dirty harlot and her misbegotten religion that gave birth to hundreds of religons generations hence!

    The T became the cross, and then Jesus came and His name is the real cross, X, the very name of Christ! But after his death and resurrection and return to heaven, the X slowly became forgotten, replaced by the new cross, the T, which, over generations, morphs into what we’re familiar with, the wood of the cross, the demand that all must bow down and worship the WOOD of the cross! To put the wood of the cross on our forehead or in our hands! The mark of the beast! The beast that turns out to be the damnable POPE! The Antichrist who dares to exalt himself above GOD, above JESUS! How abominable!

    Wanna pray to a cross made of wood!? Wanna kiss the feet of the dead thing that looks like Jesus but is merely a dead wood!?

    I would not do such a thing. I believe in Jesus, who is Word, sent to us by God, a Redeemer, to save us and wash our sins away. We’re not perfect, but we have no need to worship things of wood, which will not save us at all. Idolatry is FORBIDDEN, God SAYS SO, right there in the TEN COMMANDMENTS!

    Yet people CONVENIENTLY worships the blind wood, thinking it’s a representation of Him, which is not the case at all. No ONE KNOWS what JESUS looks like, no one! The only ones we can be sure of who did was the writers who wrote the New Testament, who witnesses Jesus do miracles and his death adn resurrection from death. Yet we have these… IMAGES of the wood, claimed to be JESUS’ IMAGES, made by these heathens from these peoples who have never SEEN Jesus’s face!

    Becareful of what you worship, what might be behind the image might be devils, watching and drinking in your love, your worship, your energies, and sucking you dry, like vampires. These devils are nothing more than fallen angels to tempt people into worshiping them, doing things that are not good. To make people fall away from JESU and His Words!

    Better to be free, to love Jesus than to submit to the wood fo the cross!

    History of the Cross, by Henry Dana Ward. Amazing book. Totally mind blowing.

    Here’s the link, I’ve upload my copy so you don’t have to search for it, but if you prefer you can search for it as well.

    History of the Cross – 2.22 MB OCR

    History of the Cross – 10.3 MB OCR

    No worries!

    Praise Jesus! That’s all we need, Him, and nothing ELSE!

  12. Thanks for sharing this information, Alex. God bless you!

  13. Greetings to the host the warrioress and all other members of this blog.
    Hello I respectfully thank you for allowing such an open blog for anyone to reply.

    It’s rare that I find such spiritual vigorous in believers if I may say it this way.
    I found this site by chance or perhaps destiny, which are interchangeable, and the same. I first became a Christian when I was 10 or 11 but left the religion and the ‘physical’ church 10 years later.

    I am inclined to sometimes receive future possibilities and since I was a child have been attacked by the shadows (most of us have seen these). Fighting demons in my sleeping hours was unpleasant to say the least.

    I began doing research in all matters, history, geology, science, other religious text and belief systems, physics…etc. I found more questions than answers and was afraid I was losing my way and confronted my pastor concerning these issues.

    To my surprise I was quickly ridiculed and persecuted for even questioning anything about the faith. This occurred about 80%-90% of the time…

    I began to realize that most Christians over time become arrogant and are over confident in their textual knowledge base not too even consider or be willing to except other possibilities such as lost in translation text or missing knowledge. I noticed that most Christians I have confronted became irritated or angry rather quickly. Immediately rejecting anything that has been found or studied in recent decades…hence my leaving the church. Which I’m sure most of them said don’t let the door hit you on your way out. “We are all going to heaven and your not.”

    Interesting how humans can judge so quickly and deem others worthy or not of entering the ‘kingdom’. The universal creator is the only Judge of a mans/womans heart.

    Certainly I am not referring to anyone here directly or otherwise reading this. This is purely my opinion…

    I no longer associate myself with the term ‘Christianity’. Yet I believe in the one true Universal Creator and the Redeemer nicknamed Jesus the Christ. I do believe he died and rose again…but I think we are missing something more fundamental about his actions… and about the original ‘Christians’ (the people of the way as they were called before the terms Jesus or Christians created by a certain Roman emperor).

    The people of the way were systematically exterminated and hunted…so we are missing a lot of history and knowledge regarding the redeemer’s original message.

    Sorry to interject as this is my first introduction. Thank you again to the host for having an open forum.

    May the Universal Creator bless and protect your spirits and souls to all who are reading this.

  14. Beautiful comment, Kaze, and thank you for sharing your point of view here on this blog. God bless you.

  15. I totally love that movie!!!

  16. Some believe the world will end in december..i believe something will happen in december..but there has to be the three men who stand and preach and then get killed and raise..my husband watches alot of news and he is waiting for the witnesses then we will know..

  17. two witnesses..i’m going to write on this on my blog rev 11

  18. The Book of Eli affected me a lot. It was amazing & soooo convicting to me that Eli memorized the entire Bible. In fact, when I re-watched it a few months ago, it re-energized my desire to read thru the entire Bible again.I found the Chronological Bible Study that Wordprocessor mentioned very interesting because that’s the Bible I’m re-reading – the Chronological Bible!! I’m loving it. And, like her, I, too, have felt a sense of the need to memorize more Scripture. Reading this really motivitates me more…cause I haven’t acted on that yet!

  19. I find that I have grown deep in my faith in God just by reading the bible for myself…most every day…NO FOOT NOTES..using ONLY the Holy Spirit for interpretation..just as we were commanded to do in the bible..

    You cannot be deep in the faith just going to church one hour a week..Everyday..is the sabbath…Everyday..is the time to read the word of God..where he tells us we will receive wisdom…and the spirit of discernment..which is greatly needed today..as many have fallen away into apostate teachings…

    I dont believe in ‘once saved always saved’..because the bible says that if you love him..you will follow him…but in order to know what is required of you in your Christian faith..you MUST know what is in the BIBLE..

    i used a 1611 King James…and I think its been slightly tampered with too..

    If you read the bible avidly…you can see this better…Nothing that will effect your walk with God has been tampered..only a few things that are designed to try to steal away the inheritance from Christ.. as predicted in Matthew 21:33…

    and in regards to JEHOVAH…which is a new addition to the Bible..not so very long ago…Je=’s Yah or God……BUT HOVAH…ACCORDING TO THE STRONGS EXHASTIVE CONCORDANCE #1942 AND #1943..MEANS MISCHEIF…EVIL PERVERSE THING…VERY WICKED..

    Now..that just does not sound like the loving Father I know in the bible…..

    So..I studied further….and read what God said to Moses..that his name is to be for all generations for all of time…I AM THAT IAM…and there is no other name..

    The Concordance further says that JEHOVAH is the god of the Jews/ the Jupiter God of mischeif….It did not mention Jehovah as being the god of the Hebrews or of Israel……

    If you will read in the OT..you will find that the tribe of Judah worshipped satan..Deuteromony 32:17…and the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 7 and 44….the JUPITER GOD/JEHOVAH in ACTS 19

    REVELATION 18 tells us that Jerusalem in the last days.is the home of the most vile devils..

    REVELATION 11:8..The Great City is Jerusalem..where our Lord was crucified..


    THE 70 WEEKS OF DANIEL 9 IS WHERE THE LIES BEGAN…THIS CHAPTER WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT..REPLACING JESUS CHRIST WITH JEWS..((MATTHEW 21:33-those that try to steal away the inheritance of Christ..even by killing him))


    Its is Christ that stopped the animal sacrifice…It was Christ that made a covenant with many…THE NEW COVENANT


    read :
    ISAIAH 1
    JEREMIAH 32:35 HUMAN SACRIFICE by Tribe of Judah
    PROVERBS 21:3
    PSALMS 51:16
    AMOS 5:21-26
    PSALMS 51:16

    Im amazed at all the things I have learned just by reading the bible..under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit..NO FOOTNOTES..as they are only the opinions and the mutterings of men..and many have been used to distort the scriptures into apostate teachings.

    GOD BLESS…I hope you all will try this if you are not already doing so..






  20. Beautiful movie. I find it ironic that a few Christians I know are turned off by all of the violence and the grim setting. I think The Book of Eli is a wonderful Bible story, and if they ever added an extra chapter to the Bible, Eli should get the nod. 🙂

  21. Hi Miro,

    Thank you, Miro. The violence is a sad part of the setting and apocalyptic time frame. I think that violence is probably quite accurate based upon the circumstances. I see Eli as someone who desires not to be violent and will only turn to violence when he is forced to protect himself and the bible. It is a beautiful story and reminds me of the prophets and apostles of old. Thanks again.

  22. i think it’s interesting that you chose the Book of Eli as inspiration. I remember sitting in a hotel room (I travel quite a bit on business) a couple of nights after I had seen it with a friend of mine and thinking back over the movie. I called him that night and said the film really resonated with me because there was something very personal but also very masculine in his relationship with the Lord, and that was what I wanted- a deep, abiding and personal walk with the Lord without giving up who I am as a man. (I believe what I said that night was “not giving up the ability to kick a**, at least when it was warranted.) Thank you for validating that I was ok in drawing inspiration from a Hollywood film and in feeling admiration for its main character.

  23. Even if we don’t have the Bible, we still have the Word (Jesus).

  24. Great post. I encourage everyone I know to memorize just one chapter in the Bible. That way when the time comes, we can still have whole sections that we can share with one another.

    In a Bible famine those handy single verses may not be enough to keep us strengthened in the Lord and in the power of His might.

    “Jesus wept” might not cut it!

    Thanks for the follow!

    In Christ,
    Praising Jesus for His Spirit who teaches us.

  25. Hi female bible warrior. I remember getting a bit more if your story a few years ago. Now I’m reporting for GodReports.com I wonder if you might be interested in sharing it a bit more in the form of an article. I would like to interview you. Check out the website. You’ll find plenty of my articles. Of late I’ve written a lot about Isis and Egypt. But if you keep going back in the “blog,” you can find personal testimonies. I did one on a Christian with ALS who’s overcome despair for 18 years. His blog is unshakeable hope. Let me know what jesus would have you do. I believe your story can help save many many people, hurting hearts who are going thru what you went thru. Yours, mike ashcraft 310-403-6471

  26. I just want to comment that I like your intelligent, open-minded, God-searching blog. You fit perfectly into the warrior for Him status!!!

  27. This was a Fantastic Movie that rather took me by surprise at the end. Glad to have met you 😉 Many Blessings!

  28. defmanbogeyman wrote:
    “So i stick by King James Bible, NOT New King James Bible, these two are light years different. King James Bible words are PURE, not one jot or tittle altered by well-meaning idiots.”
    Sorry defmanbogeyman but I (and many Christians) would have to disagree with you. Research the history of King James Bible and how it came about and you will soon find that it is not “pure” a translation as you say. The reason many Christians feel it is the more “pure” and “perfect” version is because it is the older one we have available to us in America today (published in 1600’s). Don’t confuse older with “perfect” translation since we now know there were problems in those days translating and editing the King James Bible.
    I think Professor Daniel Wallace (Phd Theology) explains it well:

    “First, I want to affirm with all evangelical Christians that the Bible is the Word of God, inerrant, inspired, and our final authority for faith and life. However, nowhere in the Bible am I told that only one translation of it is the correct one. Nowhere am I told that the King James Bible is the best or only ‘holy’ Bible. There is no verse that tells me how God will preserve his word, so I can have no scriptural warrant for arguing that the King James has exclusive rights to the throne. The arguments must proceed on other bases.

    Second, the Greek text which stands behind the King James Bible is demonstrably inferior in certain places. The man who edited the text was a Roman Catholic priest and humanist named Erasmus.
    1 He was under pressure to get it to the press as soon as possible since (a) no edition of the Greek New Testament had yet been published, and (b) he had heard that Cardinal Ximenes and his associates were just about to publish an edition of the Greek New Testament and he was in a race to beat them.
    Consequently, his edition has been called the most poorly edited volume in all of literature!
    It is filled with hundreds of typographical errors which even Erasmus would acknowledge……” TO READ MORE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW


    In Closing, the King James Bible actually turned me off for MANY MANY years from reading the bible and learning the Gospels. I not only thought that all bibles were exactly the same (virtually unreadable and difficult to understand like the King James Bible) but i too thought that King James was the only “translation” that was a “valid one” being told that by numerous Christians. I did not realize it or understand it at the time that there were other translations available in to us in English until one day i happened to open one while i was browsing through a bookstore. It was the ESV (English Standard Version) and I was STUNNED that for the FIRST TIME EVER I could actually understand it. Like being hit over the head with something.
    On top of it all it was a beautiful hunter green leather bible with Celtic cross and the words of Jesus written in Red. I immediately bought it and researched online why is it that i could understand this one but not King James. I always knew King James was written in Old English that was a big part of it but didn’t think it was all of it.
    Over the years i came across other versions NIV, NIVR, NASB etc.
    Our family’s favorite is the NIV however we have multiple versions at home to which we study from and compare—NIV, ESV, AMPLIFIED, and yes even the King James Version which my husband has had for years (it was his father’s bible passed down to my husband).
    What i discovered was this–eventhough the translations may differ slightly the SPIRIT of what it says is the same in all of them. How we should live our lives as Christians–same in all of them.
    Major themes all the same—LOVE /.Love GOD, Love Christ, Love your neighbor, your family, your friends, your enemy etc.
    Faith–Have faith in your Lord and Savior, Have Faith in GOD etc
    Salvation–same in all the bibles regardless of translation–Jesus Christ, son of God came to Earth to teach us and wash the Sins of the world, Sacrificed on the cross for all mankind, died and resurrected three days later etc.
    So while words here and there may be translated slightly different the meaning behind it and the SPIRIT of the word is all the same.
    Now iam talking TRANSLATIONS here from original Greek and Hebrew NOT a denomination that creates and ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BIBLE that is not the result of translation of ancient scrolls but rather their own creation.
    I guess “The Book of Mormon” would be an example of an entirely different book based mostly on the “Mormon prophets”. Not bashing the book of mormons, afterall they do acknowledge the son of god, Jesus being the Savior/Messiah of mankind. However, to my understanding it is a significantly different book than the HOLY BIBLE-King James, NIV, ESV etc.


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