Posted by: the warrioress | April 23, 2012

My “Fake” Picture


The picture to the right, that is also upon my gravatar is NOT ME. I’ve written upon several posts upon this blog that I am writing this blog anonymously


Unfortunately, where I was blogging in the past, I was relentlessly stalked and heckled and I had my real photo available to all.  People attempted to find out my real name and find my legitimate Facebook profile. They hacked my email address.  They searched my email so that they could dig up dirt on me to use to destroy my reputation and witness as a Christian. They quite literally stalked me  and there were some that were crazy enough that I felt they might actually show up on my doorstep and harm me. These people made me extremely cautious and wary, thus I continue to be cautious today with pretty much everyone I encounter on the internet;  furthermore, there is another major reason why you don’t see my real image upon this blog.

I believe that in the near future (within the next few years) Christians are going to experience dramatic, real persecution of not just the emotional kind here in America;  I believe it’s going to absolutely become the physical kind too. I don’t want to make it easy for those who will be involved in helping put this into action.  I think most Christians are going to have to “go underground” if they want to survive.

For those of you I am becoming close to in real time, off line, whom I share my personal telephone number with, etc., you probably already know who I really am, my full real name, address, and likely have seen my real picture.  I’m not trying to hide anything from anyone.  My real first name is  actually Adrienne. 

If you, the reader, ever feel that you want a more real time relationship/friendship with me, by all means, write and let me know if this is something you desire.  I have no problem sharing who I am with someone I can trust — when enough time has passed  between us that there is real communication and reason to be able to trust. 

This topic came up because of a few comments on another site about my using the current gravatar on this blog and the fact that it is a fake picture and thus is not really me.  I love the image of the girl in the picture and the expression upon her face as she is praying.  She looks like a bible warrioress, don’t you think so? 

Now do I? In real time?

Well, a few of you already know the answer to that 😉

Personally, I feel that I’m an attractive, intelligent, pretty woman and I certainly don’t have the image that I’m using on my blog up because I don’t think I’m naturally beautiful.  I think my physical image is that of your average woman in mid-life, and most who know me describe me as “cute,” “pretty,” and “young-looking for my age.”  

What is my real age?  Well, I’m no spring chicken. I’m not a “young person.”  Mid-life should be enough for you to take a guess at an exact ball park figure. One of my commenters here I’ve interacted with for a few years;  Hpylady has seen my real picture and it was she who initially tagged me with the phrase “bible warrior” before I ever started this blog (chuckle). I guess there’s something about me in real life that must have made that phrase fit.

Anyway, I hope I cleared up the confusion for those of you who may be wondering about who I really am and what I really look like.  If I feel like sharing my real photo down the road with the entire internet, you’ll see it in a future post. (wink) 

If you can’t wait until then, write me….  : )


  1. The information on my Gravitar page will give you many ways to contact me, if the need arises. Feel free to e-mail or call.


  2. I totally understand. I am so sorry for your bad experience. I thought that was you in the pic! I love you, and I will look forward to whenever I see/meet you “for real” 🙂
    Blessings in Christ,

  3. I love your “fake” picture. It is so “you.” It says warrior all the way….:)

  4. Warriors always have THE HARDEST time!!! Women warriors have it even harder. Christian Women Warriors have it terribly worse!!! LOL

    Know this: You belong to God, He is using you and your talents for the glory of His kingdom, and Satan is going out of his mind about that. Take solace in the fact that none of THEIR weapons can prevail against you.

    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17 (KJV)

    Also, warrioress, YOUR weapons are mightier than any of their weapons because your weapons are mighty through God.

    “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)” 2 Corinthians 10:4 (KJV)

    Be blessed as you continue to be a blessing. 🙂

  5. I have recently taken my photo off just in case. I fully understand why people wouldnt want their real names either. I have mine because my personal blogging philosophy is if you cant stand behind your opinions, dont post them.

    This is not to down any blogger who doesnt, again, I have had my name searched countless times. You have to be safe. My complaint is with people who post incindiarily, being rude and insulting. They do it so they can be that way and others wont know. Keyboard testosterone, I call it. Cause it’s usually teen boys and men in their 20s.

  6. While I too thought the gravatar pic was you, it really does not bother me what you look like because I see people by their heart. The outer appearance fades so it’s what is on the inside that counts. This is just my opinion and how I view people. Even though I have eye sight, I am blind to what the world perceives as beautiful or handsome. Also as Christians, we are known by our fruit. This is what we should see in one another as we should emulate Christ. I am so sorry to hear about the stalking issues as I am sure that is a scary thing to endure. I will say a prayer for you.

    Blessings to you Adrienne,

  7. well i have written you and you know what my emails have said as well as that you know i am married but i do minister to and have friends of both sexes, my wife and i agreed that we don;t get into cars alone with the opposite sex unless she is following me with the baby and i am riding the bike. my picture is me the real me. i need to get some more up to date pics of me but will wait for a bit and do some with me and my bike after some mods are done. and if we go under ground as christians then look me up before i go where i know my family will be safe and you can come as well. BIKERS EVEN CHRISTIAN BIKERS KNOW HOW TO FLY UNDER THE RADAR OR OFF THE GRID.i hope it doesn’t come to that but if it does i will survive along with those i love and care about.

  8. I never had any bad experiences with online discussions so far, but I prefer to use a “fake” avatar for the same reason. I prefer keeping my identity to myself, because I’ve seen others being open and posting their personal info, and being attacked verbally, although not for spiritual reasons. Internet is a weird place, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I think you are wrong in saying that some hate you for your beliefs. Those people hate because they don’t know any better, regardless of your faith. You express very strong opinions, and strong opinions attract strong reactions.

  9. Hey sis,
    You are right, and I imagine that we are already on someone’s list.
    Here is my motto. I will not comply!
    Sorry that people are buggin. You want I should take them out?
    The only thing I stalked was celery. That is almost funny.
    keep your head up.
    Love ya

  10. I am so sorry that you have had to go through these type of things, but as followers of Christ this is what we unfortunately will have to face at some point in our lives. I feel the same way you do with regards to this picture thing, even though I have read on other people’s blogs that they feel skeptical about people who don’t put their “real” picture up, but what you have been through is a classic example of why I use a “fake” picture too. A “real” or “fake” picture has nothing to do with your faith or whether you stand behind your opinions or not. If people are focusing more on your picture then on your posts, then they have missed the point all together. Don’t let these things bring you down my sister in Christ, continue to spread the gospel any way you can and God will take care of the rest!

  11. Oops I forgot to add this to my prior comment….I just wanted to tell remso how funny his stalking celery joke was! Too cute!

  12. sis do not below

    1 Thessalonians 1:10
    and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead—Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath.
    1 Thessalonians 1:9-10

    1 Thessalonians 5:9
    For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    1 Thessalonians 5:8-10

  13. I must say I was confused by the gravatar too. It’s a little misleading to use a photo that isn’t actually you, because everyone is going to assume it’s you – that’s usually the whole point of putting a photo in your gravatar in the first place!

  14. …not to mention that the person whose image it is might someday stumble upon your blog and feel that you have, in some sense, stolen her identity. I know I’d be pretty upset if someone else was using my face to represent themselves.

  15. Thanks, Ed (hugs)

  16. Thank you, Nat. I’ll send you the real deal. Love you too, sis.

  17. Thanks, Ms Lame. I appreciate it. It does fit my personality to a T.

  18. Thank you, Epignosis. Satan does appear to be going out of his mind, sure enough.

  19. Had I not experienced the repercussions of the unbalanced, I wouldn’t have a problem with sharing all of my real information here, along with my face. Unfortunately though, I’m discussing some really controversial, incendiary topics on this blog and I’ve seen people that claimed to be Christian go bananas and become vicious over opinionated conversations online. I don’t think it’s safe anymore these days to share our personal ID with the world.

  20. Thanks, Terra. Glad you understand where I’m coming from and I, too, think as you do about it. It’s the heart that counts.

  21. Hey Robbie, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on that other matter yet. I do think we’re going to have to be wary as Christians because the days are not getting any safer, nor will they.

  22. I agree that people don’t care for strong stances/opinions. I do attract strong reactions. Thanks, Puddle.

  23. Hey Ozzie, bro….


  24. I agree. The picture fits my “bible warrior” theme..and it’s a royalty-free pic available for pennies by merely signing up on one of the stock photo sites. Thanks, Diana!

  25. Well, I’ve been suffering wrath for awhile, but like you said, this won’t last forever. Come Lord Jesus 🙂

  26. It’s a royalty-free stock photo of a girl praying. You can purchase it for 99 cents, after signing up on one of the royalty-free stock photo sites. People use these photos for online role-playing characters, blogs, LARP, etc.; that’s why they’re out here. It’s like an avatar and is allowed to be used as an avatar.

    It’s not safe to use our real picture when we’re visible and extremely vocal about controversial matters anymore, Keith. Especially as a single woman with a child.

  27. “If people are focusing more on your picture then on your posts, then they have missed the point all together”

    I agree with this post … the reason I called you a Bible Warrior is because you never once backed down when people came at you… but you never argued you brought the Bible to them .. I thought that was awesome… still do…((hugs)) as I always say

    ROCK ON!!!!

  28. Thanks, Pat. I agree as well. My looks don’t matter in the least; it’s the message that should be the focus. The “avatar” or gal in the picture is convenient because of the intensely dedicated, firm, prayerful stance she’s taking. That whole stance, “look” fits the theme of this blog and thus I’m using that pic for now.

  29. Hi! I totally understand where you are coming from here, and I am very sorry that you’ve had problems with people in the past. I think the avatar suits you down to the ground, and being honest I assumed it was you because it also fitted your name as well as your handle.

    Having said this, what you look like is not important compared to what you write here. Speaking personally, I come here to read what you write rather than to look at the avatar. And everything I’ve said here, and by email, assuming that the person in the pic is you, I stand by now knowing it isn’t.

    God Bless from Holland

  30. Warrioress: Thanks for the clarification. If the person allowed her picture to be used as a stock photo, then she indeed gave up the right to protect its use.

    I also understand you not wanting to use your photo for security reasons. I sometimes feel the same. But I guess I’ve seen enough other atheists be even more strident than myself yet still put their image out there (PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, etc.). If they can do it, I guess I can!

  31. If I didn’t have a young daughter to care for and protect, I would have absolutely no fear of doing so either, Keith. It doesn’t seem fair, though, to potentially put her in harm’s way through being reckless. While I may certainly choose to be reckless with my own safety, I don’t think it’s right to be reckless with hers.

  32. I like this verse, utterly beautiful. Nothing of these damned persecutors will ever touch me. I am STRONG!

  33. That’s true. I’ve been attacked on blogs before, when I shared my new found happiness in finding TRUTH that makes sense than this world’s shaky ones. (sighs). It surprised me when I was attacked. I thought adults would listen to reason, but I understands some “adults” are not really adult and not emotionally mature. Most were juvenile and it’s sad, their unwillingness to grow up and accepts Jesus’s words, prefering the lies of propaganda wherever they’re listening to. I’m so grateful for my deafness, I don’t have to hear morons out tehre who hated Jesus. For me, Jesus is TRUTH, and nothing these morons can do can ever break His TRUTH, ever, not one iota, nor jot. Makes me happy to think of their frustrations and going out of their mind just like the idiot Satan, eh eh eh eh eh….

  34. These persecutors hate because they don’t know any better? How is that possible? I find that strange. Don’t they realise they’re huritng themselves in the process?

    I feel hate for these morons, I try to understand my hate, where it came from, why my anger burns, how I desires to wipe these morons off the planet, yet I have no powers to do anything, the only sure reassurance I have is that I believes in Jesus and KNOWS that Jesus IS TRUTH, wholly, no matter what these moron pagans do to me, Jesus IS TRUTH.

    Is it wrong for me to hate them? I just can’t stand them, thats’ what, I can’t stand Satan the idiot Lucifer the loser! I can’t stand them. THey choosed to follow the idiot lucifer the loser and then complains that they’re unhappy, empty inside, and so on. Idiots, Jesus FILLS you up with love and you’ll not know unhappiness, you’ll not be empty inside. It’s that SIMPLE. Why complicated anything? But oh yes, like the mainstream scientists who refused to see that their beloved Evolutionary theory is DEAD, their pagan worship of Lucifer is making them DEAD, though at first they may think it’s fun, titilating, exciting, but after awhile, like creeping vampirism, their life becomes GREY, and then they becomes DEAD. That’s the pagans way of life.

    Jesus makes us ALIVE, REAL, STRONG, oh, so STRONG!

    I want so much to spank these morons to wake them up, but I know, it won’t work. They have to find their way to Jesus, or else, they’ll stay in the comfort of dead emotions, deadness of a numb life. Horrible, sad.

    Is that why politicans looks dead to me, with their dead face, mumbling inane words instead of clear words? I don’t know.

    I wish I could stop hating anymore, but I worry, i fear, these persecutors, if they ever shows up in my life, in front of my eyes and tries to force me to recant Jesus and take their dead life, I know I will snap and say no and then fight for my life, for my soul, I know I will try to kill them before they try to kill me. I know me. I always fought persecutors most of my life, always being attacked for no reason, I never understood why, but now I think I do, I think it’s to prepare me for the day when these thugs will try to force me, and I know I will die but at least I know I will still be loyal to Jesus and I will die with a smile on my lips, when they either blows my brains out or shove a knife in me or slice my neck off. Nothing matters, except staying TRUE to Jesus, and never letting go. These thugs, whoever they’ll be, I still hates them and when I can I’ll tell them they can never negates Jesus’s TRUTH! NEVER!

    (sighs). My photos of my face are all over, on my dating profiles, trying to find a biblical woman, so I can find some measure of peace, but my photos are old, ten years or so older, as I can’t seem to get a digital camera, it’s so expensive, so I gave up and now I won’t bother. Been thinking about shutting down my dating profiles, I’m tired of getting scammers. I hates being deaf. They seems to think we deafs are easy prey. Damn them. (sighs).

  35. Exactly right! Yes!

  36. Yes, come Lord Jesus!

  37. She’s correct, dude! Never put one’s children in harm’s way if we can help it, okay! This makes more sense than being irresponsible and, frankly, stupid. There ARE psychos out there, with some sort of triggers that might sets them off, maybe a pic of one’s child, or our face, or who knows what. I read up on these morons for years and I still don’t get them at all. I never understood these morons. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  38. Agreed!

  39. These persecutors… who are they? It bugs me, who they are, these faceless ones. They can be any who rejects Jesus, or some pretends to worships Jesus and even claims to be “christians’ yet in relaity are not really so, which most of these “ecumenical” churches are not really true Christians. They’re nothing more than pagans, praying to images, to statues, to even the wood of the cross. Insane. I found “History of the Cross” and it blew my mind. So I only worships JESUS only, nothing else, nothing on this earth, nothing except JESUS.

    Yeah, pagans took exceptions to this. They LIKES praying to images, (don’t they know demons hides behind images and laps up their energies?), statues, (demons hides behind these too), wood, rosary beads, broken bibles (so-called modern bibles), and the like. Yet they’re EMPTY, forever crossing themselves, filling their lives up with useless repetitious prayers endlessly, like broken records going oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink. How irritating these idiots are. They ignored what Jesus said, and most of all, ignored that Jesus HATES religions utterly. These morons are Pharisees, setting themselves above the rest, compelling people to pay them, to act as a broker between them and God. How insane!

    Jesus never said that we needs anyone to speak to Him on our behalf. He IS available to all of us, even these pagans who refused to heed Him.

    It’s so annoying, these pagans who persecutes, these morons, these who ignores Jesus clear words that cannot be misconstrued as anything but what He meant!

    It’s like they see a different language, we see the words “Yes”, yet they see it as “No”. Crazy.

    I give up trying to understand these morons with their endless idiocy wrecking havoc on this world in their stupid beliefs that they can make things better. They ignores the fact that without Jesus, nothing will ever gets better. Only a moron would ignores Jesus’ TRUTH. Welcome to the Marching Morons!

    I’ll be glad to meet up with them and take my sword out to fight them and die for Jesus. I’m sick and tired of these pagans playing games with our lives without our permission. Post up a lot of these, “NO IMPLIED CONSENT” and boy, they’ll backs off. Until they gets clear order to kill, then they’ll ignore the sign and then comes at me. I don’t care, I know my life is short anyway, and that only one thing will saves my soul, Jesus, nothing else. Lord Jesus Christ, the almighty. Not their stupid New World Order crapola, not their crappy empty “religion” that are only feel-good but that’s all it is.

    Stupid morons never gets what Jesus really is, a swell guy! The best friend any can ask for, a real bloke who don’t crap on you if you get a splinter in your soul. He’s loyal to you, loves you unconditionally, and heals you, makes you strong. Nothing of the pagans millinons of methods ever worked. Jesus works. Simplicity works. Why complicated things? The only reasons these pagans complicates things is because they have an agenda. Taking over the world, forcing people to become one world order, through threats, etc… the REAL christians will say to them to eff off and walks away, and most will be rounded up into concentration camps, and most will be murdered by these morons, and best of all, their New World Order will not lasts long. They’ll be like clay and iron, unable to bind properly, things will fall apart, and the weak nations (clay) will breaks off and the strong nations (iron) will fall into wars, and spreads and all of them go hither and thither and then suddenly, when things seems to be worse than it can possibly be, Jesus comes, with a shout. I don’t know what else it might happens. I know that we’ll be called up, the dead, and the living, and then we’ll all give account for our actions, and those who have refused Him, will be sent to hell fire, to burn into nothing, total oblivion. Those who truly believes in Jesus, are very few, and we’ll have life everlasting. (sighs). Lucifer/Satan will be wandering the wastelands of our world, for a thousand years, and then he will be sent to hell fire, with his fallen angels, and they’ll burn and be destroyed into oblivion. Then Jesus will rebuilds a new earth and a new heaven and we’ll have new life ever lasting. Oh boy. No mroe morons to worry about, no more pests to bother us. Just eternity of good fun, learning stuff, being with Jesus, true love everywhere, no more hate, nore more crazy pagan rubbish. This makes me think it’s worthwhile to endure the morons out there. The goal is Jesus and the life everlasting with Him by our side. No matter what, no moron will ever break me, I rather die than submit to these morons. So there!

  40. I had always wondered why your picture had the watermark. lol

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