Posted by: the warrioress | May 9, 2014


The world is pushing moral boundaries between right and wrong everywhere I look. Examples are many. People of the world may try and confuse the facts, claiming there is a new code of morals, or that we are just experiencing growth or even progress; this is all a subjective consideration, but there is nothing subjective about weekly school shootings all over America, or the off the charts violence all around us. Even our planet’s weather has become violent and unprecedented in our nation’s history and the world.

Politically, we see an ever-changing sea of unrest, anger, distrust, disrespect, and apathetic attitudes toward leadership and government. Things aren’t getting better in this regard. Whether you believe in separation of church and state or not, the facts are that Satanists are planning a six or seven foot high demonic monument that will go right next to the Ten Commandments; they may legally be within their rights to build it too. (Source)

We live in a world that is becoming frightening to wake up to in the morning. We cannot help but notice the parade of people demanding what they see as their civil rights or equality, like the lbjtq community for example…but suddenly following right behind them, riding on their political coattails are the polygamists and even those who love minor children, who feel they too are being denied their rights. Just as I and many others foresaw, these things are happening.

Where do we draw the line anymore? And was this not evil’s plan the whole time? Something is definitively going on as the world itself continues its descent to a place away from everything we’ve ever known.  It’s not going to be a good place. It’s going to be a wild, no rules, survival of the fittest kind of society. “Mad Max,” “the Road Warrior,” and even Hollywood’s “The Road” isn’t going to come close to what is ahead.


The normal response to what we cant help but notice is anxiety, panic, and fear; I know because I’ve felt these in the past. I’ve learned in the last year or so though, that things will become even worse. We’re destroying our planet and the life upon it. Essentially we are destroying ourselves. We have turned from God, like rebellious children; we haven’t even begun to see how bad things can get.

Despite valid fears we may admittedly have, we have to remember that this was all foretold. As Christians we can’t change this. All we can do is follow Jesus — we must become as loving as He was and still is to everyone, even those from whom we may recoil in horror. Jesus did not recoil from them in the worst of their sins. Many were possessed with demons. Jesus loved each and every one.

The time is now to be that light on the hilltop. We have to be different from those who are lost. Our love must be what sets us apart, along with a lack of fear no matter how bad things get. We have to have real faith. This is no game. We must trust our God and show the world the way to Him while there is still time to do so.

Show the world JESUS, the real Jesus…not the conservative, political version you imagine you read about in the bible because it suits your flesh. Time is short and it’s time to stop fooling around! Show the world Christ’s version of love.


  1. This type of fear mongering has been going on for a very long time. Pentecostals have been living in the end times for 100 years now. All the while the world has been becomming a more peaceful place. The world is less violent now than it has ever been. If religion is losing out perhaps there is some correlation to that loss and the lessening of violence on a global scale.

  2. The world is changing, and not for the good I agree, however, we as Christians must continue on our path. Our command is to love God with all our heart and to love others as He has loved us. In my opinion we fall short because we spend too much time judging what others are doing.

    We allow ourselves to be hurt, it is a choice, and we tend to blame others when things don’t go our way. I was never promised a bed of roses when I came into this world and I was told being a Christian would require lots of pain on my part. Life is not easy, but we chose how we accept our circumstances. It is what it is – but it quickly becomes what we make it. We live in a nasty world I agree, but for me, I will make the best of what God gives me and pray for His blessing.

    As for the politicians, we put them there, we can vote them out.



  3. Excellent message, Warrioress.

  4. Wonderful and Beautifully Inspiring! Happy Friday 🙂

  5. Since the apostles, Christians have believed they were living in the end times. And as the world pushes boundaries–as it always has–I also believe that Ghandi who wished to embody the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and Martin Luther King, Jr. have helped the world see the power of Christ’s teachings. It seems as there are those who are pushing the boundaries, there are also those who leading the way by overcoming evil with good. When we Christians, as you aptly state, love like Christ no matter what, we will be God’s Kingdom. Our presence in the world will be one of healing rather than dividing and tearing down.

  6. Absolutely Adrienne. Your words echo my own solemn, self-reflective thoughts.
    We as Christians need to be examples of the people we profess the world to need. The world as a collective group has been pretty clear of its’ opinion on Christian sermonizing. I for one ask every morning to be given the guidance + the strength to BEHAVE like a follower of Jesus Christ. God bless you my friend. *smile*

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