Posted by: the warrioress | December 29, 2011

Regarding ‘Post a Day 2011’

I want to thank for Post a Day 2011.

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

This has been the most incredible, awesome blessing in my life. I can’t possibly describe the many benefits it’s given to me because there are just more benefits than I have time to share.

Post a Day 2011 helped my writing. It helped my writing by forcing me to write when I wasn’t in the mood to write.

It’s made me more disciplined in my writing. It’s pulled me out of a funk when I didn’t feel I had anything to write about.

It’s made me more confident in my writing. I had to write what came to mind and eventually something always showed up!

It’s brought me in touch with a lot of new people and writers whom I greatly admire. It’s also changed who I am to some degree because of the many wonderful benefits I’ve received through this commitment to the writing process.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep up this pace in the new year ahead with what I am facing, responsibility-wise. The demands upon my time are going to increase greatly and so I have decided that as of January 1, 2012, I will move to Post a Week 2012.

Certainly I believe I will post more than once a week because I don’t think I could exist without writing more than this, but this will alleviate some of the pressure, and I know I can commit and keep the commitment to at least post once a week; that will be a piece of cake.


Should I find that time allows for more frequent postings, I will revert back to Post a Day 2012, but for now, I am just grateful that I was able to be a part of this superb idea and look forward to continuing to be a part of all of this now and in the future.


Thanks again,!


  1. Thanks for the likes, you guys 🙂

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