Posted by: the warrioress | March 8, 2012

Cruelty & Barbarism Still Abounds

Wild Boar

Wild Boar (Photo credit: siwild)

As most of you should know by now if you read me regularly, I’m an avid animal lover and take part in animal rescue. I’m a lover of wildlife and the environment. I’m against barbarism and cruelty in all its forms for all animal life. I know we have to kill animals to eat and live, but there are acceptable humane ways to go about this. I’m completely against the hunting/killing of animals of any kind purely to provide sport to those who enjoy the thrill of the kill.

It’s come to my attention that here in my home state, Texas, we have a feral hog population problem that has become so out of control that our governor, Rick Perry, has agreed to allow the killing of these hogs from helicopters. He is also allowing coyotes, bobcats, and red fox to be killed aerially too. 

There is also a disgusting television show that has appeared on the horizon that displays the viciousness of this, encouraging the slaughter of millions of these feral hogs by hunters using a variety of night vision toys and weaponry to do their murderous deeds. The more bloody the better, apparently, in our barbaric American culture where absolute cruelty to animals is still considered sport and celebrated.

We need to get involved and join PETA in an attempt to put a stop to animal cruelty wherever it is found, and even if you don’t live in Texas, please write to Governor Rick Perry about this barbarism and demand that he find another way to stop the breeding of these hogs through sterilization or something more humane. This is possible, and control of these hogs can be  handled for probably a fraction of the cost of what is being spent now to assault and torture these swine.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar (Photo credit: stewartmorris)

Feral hogs /wild boars are some of the more intelligent of creatures and the pregnant sows are being murdered with their unborn and born babies as one of the more lauded “trophies” to supposedly be proud of in this so-called “hunt.” There is no reason for this kind of cruelty to occur in a country where we consider ourselves to be a civilized people.

Please send donations to the organizations that are trying to stop this slaughter and write letters to Governor Rick Perry and even your representatives in congress to stop this. Thank you.

Rick Perry — Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428


The gun-toting family on A&E’s new reality show “American Hoggers” are under fire from an animal rights group for the gruesome way the pigs are “tied up and shot” on the show … TMZ has learned. 

In case you haven’t seen it — “American Hoggers” follows Jerry “Hog Boss” Campbell … and his family as they hunt and kill feral pigs … armed with hunting dogs and guns. It’s pretty graphic … even for A&E. 

The show just premiered this week — and it didn’t take long for PETA to take notice. In fact, the animal rights org. has just released a statement saying, “the Campbells’ show promotes cruel animal-control measures and gross mistreatment of wildlife.”

PETA claims it acknowledges that feral pigs can be problematic in parts of Texas, but the group says, “If property owners insist on lethal control, then feral hogs should be cage-trapped and afforded a quick, painless death.”

We reached out to A&E for comment, and so far haven’t received a response.

** WARNING — the clip is very graphic **

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  1. Animal cruelty saddens me beyond measure. I don’t live in Texas, but if I did, I would certainly try to do something. Although Canadian government seems to care about protecting animals, right after the Winter Olympics a whole bunch of sled dogs was slaughtered in Vancouver. Now they passed a new law to protect the rights of working animals. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry over this fact. But at least they are doing something.

  2. Hi Puddle (hugs)

    Even though you don’t live in TX, you can still write to Governor Perry if you want to. Most especially when it comes to boycotting this awful television show, “American Hoggers,” it is really worthwhile to spread the word and simply do our part not to support these kinds of programming. God bless and thank you.

  3. I know that your post is mainly about the TV show itself but I would like to add a little something.

    These wild hogs are spreading fast! They’re in Tennessee too. As a matter of fact they have spead over 4 counties toward me in the last 5/6 years and have even been found in the county next to the one that I live in. They do severe damage to the land. Have you ever seen a pig pin? Try taking that and mulitiplying it by 1,000’s of acres.

    I don’t think they should be tortured in any way, but they are a huge nuisance and can be very dangerous, and they must be dealt with somehow or the natural enviroment will suffer…at least in Tennessee.

  4. […] the warrioress ..inspiration comes in many different perspectives and with the life of a female bible warrior, […]

  5. nominating you for thevery inspiring blogger award

  6. I know this is hard to watch on tv .. I had to turn it off .. but I also agree they do great damage to farmers fields .. they root up everything … I lived for 4 years in a farm house and the farmer that owned it had a hog farm.. the hogs will eat their own babies .. and they will eat small animals and small children … and these are hogs that are fed every day. I’m sure if they were wild they would be even more apt to do things like that.

  7. Thanks Zen!!! I sure appreciate it!

  8. I just wish that there was a more humane way to go about this. I don’t think what’s going on is humane or appropriate.

  9. I know they’re a problem and a nuisance. And even the PETA people understand this too. They are doing damage. They’ve got to find a better way to go about removing them or sterilizing them and do it humanely in a way that they will not suffer.

  10. PETA is a domestic terrorist organization that preys on children in school systems to brainwash them. They were caught killing all the animals they rescued, even those that were well adjusted and more than capable of being adopted. It has also been found that they bankroll and support ALF look them up. Crazy stuff. When ingrid was asked her opinion of drug testing on laboratory mice she said that no man should benefit from an animals suffering regardless of the purpose. Guess what? She’s diabetic. Her insulin was tested on lab mice before being introduced to the public to ensure safety. When confronted with this her opinion drastically shifted. She stated that it was much better that she live so that she could protect all the animals of the world. Hypocritical isn’t it? I agree that American hoggers is horrible, but please for the sake of animals everywhere, dont throw your hat in with PETA.

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