Posted by: the warrioress | April 6, 2012

+ Lead me to the Cross +

The Runaway

I was very young when I found Him

I had no idea who He was or what He did for me and you

All I know is that He heard my cry and covered me like a protective blanket

He brought me to shelter and loving arms where I learned more about Him

A foundation was developed

It was created upon rock, not sand

I turned to it as I grew into an adult

Christ never let me down nor did He ever abandon me

Like the prodigal son, I went my own way

It was years before I came home

When I returned, He was waiting for me as if I had never left

He welcomed me back with open arms; I was forgiven 

Thus began my formal theological education

He fed me on milk until I was ready for meat

I slowly came to understand that I live to please Him

Because there’s nothing I want more than to please Him

So I am growing, maturing, and learning what “devout” means

I still sin

I still fail

I still fall short

But He loves me anyway

He led me to the cross and now I lead you there

…Just click this, please…


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Easter – He Is Risen!


  2. this is well done and I am sire God and Jesus are both pleased. isn’t it wonderful how even in our sin, fall or what ever we are unconditionally loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father when we honestly come to the cross and get on our knees and ask for forgiveness of our transgressions and it is not only forgiven but forgotten as though it never even happened, i mean yes we will be held accountable for our actions and as responsible Christians we should know this and accept it as part of our responsibility as Christians. we are his ambassadors and we are to teach others the meaning of not only the cross, but the meaning behind all that we do so that it is never done in vain but it is properly done in Jesus’ name there for glorifying the Father and when we see him in Heaven he will say the words i long to here, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT COME IN AND EAT AT MY TABLE, IN MY CASE COME EAT AT MY TABLE THEN GO GET YOUR HARLEY IT HAS BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, AND WE WILL RIDE. You and your daughter have a blessed resurrection weekend and take in all that has been done for you and your daughter and give him thanks.


    Hi, Warrior! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award…Hope you play!

    — Bird

  4. I am obviously glad to have come to faith, and now that I have, Easter means so much. Forget the bunny, the chocolate(well, maybe not the chocolate), the eggs; He is Risen! That movie, though hard to watch, reveals His sacrifice for our sins in a way that anyone can understand and no one can deny. More so than Christmas, Jesus IS the reason for the season.

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