Posted by: the warrioress | January 23, 2013

Feeding Frenzy

And the headlines read:  “Hillary lashes out!”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, loses cool!”  etc., etc., etc.,…….

How utterly unsurprising. Her detractors are lucky she didn’t bite a chunk out of their carcasses.

It wasn’t enough for them to actually accuse Hillary Clinton of faking illness, when she had a blood clot near the brain! At that time, there was no apology offered, no shame in bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.

Fox News was continuous in its overt attacks on Hillary Clinton, insisting that she was dodging testimony over the tough questions related to Benghazi. They encouraged countless people listening to their lies to jump on their ugly bandwagon. When they all got egg splattered over their proverbial faces and the public found out about the blood clot, we remembered what Fox News put out here.

I also remember the word press bloggers who falsely accused Hillary Clinton of faking illness to avoid being questioned; there was no apology coming forth from them either! Their meal should have been a large serving of crow along with repentance for their lies, but no, there was only silence from the Peanut Gallery.

Today, we watched Hillary Clinton hold her own against hyperbole-babbling Republican’s like Rand Paul, and others who publicly got their hits in like sharks in a feeding frenzy, trying to tear off flesh and bone from their prey.

Hillary became emotional over one of the more absurd questions she was pestered with. It’s a sound bite at this point, thanks to the media, and what a sound bite it is!

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) assailed Clinton for failing to read diplomatic cables requesting more security at the consulate, claiming that it was a fireable offense. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) suggested that administration officials had deliberately misled the American people by initially claiming that the attack had started as a spontaneous riot. As Johnson repeatedly pressed her on why she hadn’t discovered the cause of the attack sooner, an exasperated Clinton pounded the table and said, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. What difference, at this point, does it make?”
The dust-up clearly cheered her fans, and Clinton will leave office with her popularity at sky-high levels, despite a months-long campaign by the GOP to link her to Benghazi. (The low point was reached when prominent conservatives went so far as to claim that she had faked a serious illness to avoid testifying before Congress.) (Source)

Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States of America, in my opinion. If she doesn’t run for office in 2016, I will be extremely disappointed. This is her time. She is one tough cookie and would make a fine first woman president. God is blessing Hillary.

No one will run over that woman or take advantage of her. For me, anything Clinton is a good thing. I loved the Bill Clinton presidency and I know I will appreciate a nation with Hillary Clinton at the helm. I was very proud of Hillary today as she took on her accusers and stood strong despite the intent of her oppressors. What a gal she is! 2016 Hillary Clinton! Bring it!


  1. If she runs, she will win!

    In spite of all the rhetoric she held her own and gave it right back to the detractors. It was great when she told them they were the ones holding back on the funds needed to make the State Department what it was supposed to be and how they cut funds needed for the same security they claim we need at our embassies. I guess they never expected the fork being turned towards them.

    Good post Adrienne!

    ♥ Ed

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