Posted by: the warrioress | November 14, 2016

American Behavior

FB_IMG_1465875881043The season for mourning is over for me. I sense that it’s time to accept the disappointment of the loss of Election 2016.

It’s time to call Mr. Trump, “President Elect Trump.” It’s time to show this man who won the election the honor of the office of the presidency.

I absolutely loathed conservative Republicans who refused to respect President Obama, who mocked and hatefully treated him with disrespect. I can remember and there are blog posts on this blog to testify to my distress at how immature, and not Christian I thought these people were. Jesus would never have treated people like that. I claim the name of Jesus. I claim to be one of His followers, thus I must behave like one. I will not bring shame to the name of Jesus Christ.

I’m not saying I won’t make jokes about President Elect Trump. I may tease a bit and may even point out errors and poor judgment when he makes a mistake, and of course he will, (make lots of mistakes). What I am saying is that it is time to accept the results of the election and move forward. It is time that we behave with dignity and honor and recognize that we lost the election. I plan to give Donald Trump a chance to be a good president.

Personally, I feel that Donald Trump may be a lot better than his Vice President, Mike Pence, who is seriously a lot like Ted Cruz, (scary). So I’m going to accept this matter and behave as I believe God wants me to. I ask the rest of you who voted for Hillary Clinton to pray about doing the same.


  1. Hi Warrioress ,

    I wonder how you can forget and forgive Trump about his racist lie that claims that Obama was born in Africa. Do you think that based on Jesus’ words , Trump can escape the consequences of his evil intent that helped him to gain support among white nationalists and eventually win the US election ? I don’t think so…

    What matter for GOD is the truth ; the truth only because love doesn’t lie.
    Whoever claims he or she is Christian must pledge allegiance to the truth first. And truth Trump does not respect.

    I was angry with the American people because Europe is now losing a reliable ally, but I keep in mind that Trump did not win the popular votes. The devil wants the power and the glory whereas GOD only needs the influence to make sure HIS will to be done.

    And HIS will be done.
    With or without America on HIS side.

  2. Hi Serendipity:

    Just to clarify, I haven’t forgotten anything Donald Trump has done, on the campaign trail or otherwise. I haven’t forgiven any of it either. I am simply writing a posting about accepting his presidency, based upon election results.

    I will behave with class and dignity, unlike the majority of conservative Christians and other Republicans, in the way that they treated our beloved President Obama; I don’t want to be anything like them, and I know Christ expects better of me.

    Does this mean I will get in line and not fight for what is right? No, it most certainly does not. I can respect the office and give this man a chance to govern while not meekly going along like an ostrich with her head in the sand. I will stand up and voice my opinions, and call him and his staff out accordingly; I will simply try to be respectful as I do it, unlike them.

    Thanks for still reading me all this time, Serendipity! Trust God. He’s got us. He’s got this, too. Hugs.

  3. I do understand what you mean : you don’t like him much but have to respect his term in office. Fair enough.

    But… I do remember that I already wrote some pessimistic comments few months ago that expressed my disappointment to read that you were underestimating the hidden forces that empower Trump true motivations. You felt way too confident that Hillary will win the race to the White House , thus I replied that you should not take Trump candidacy too lightly.

    Here you are with your brand new rude president … Or maybe I should say : “Here we are.” The devil is now on the driver seat of the free world. But apparently you believe that Trump is not that evil. You’re wrong , dear Adrienne.

    Trump did not insult and slander that many people during the campaign trail just to run your country like a normal well educated president.
    If you need a hammer , just buy a hammer ; not a shoe.
    Do you really think that GOD will tolerate this vulgar and childish man to run the free world whereas the rest of the world is trying hard to get rid of their tyrants ?

    Trump is not the proper tool for this job , he is just good enough to run a brothel and grab p****ies.

  4. As an observver from the UK who has suffered Tory electionand Brexit votes, i wonder if you might find the following helpful?

  5. I am most concerned about the analysis of the Trump situation provided by British psychologist Kevin Dutton at Oxford University. You may read the article here:

    A friend of mine who is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist has mentioned to me over the years that Karl Rove exhibits many of the classic clinical attributes of a psychopath. Look at Dutton’s Psychopath Test closely and think about the platform of the Republican Party and the people who are so magnetically drawn to it on he far right fringe. As the Dixie Chicks used to say: “Now, there’s your trouble.”

    I am willing to give Trump a fair chance to prove everyone wrong. Failing that, the only truly Christian position was the one ultimately taken by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. All of us may have to become Little Bonhoeffers. Be prepared.

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