Posted by: the warrioress | February 21, 2012

Dan Patrick’s Ultrasound Abortion Law


Ultrasound (Photo credit: mdurwin2)

I was watching the news this evening and saw a doctor discussing Dan Patrick’s sponsorship of the new ultrasound abortion law. This law, already mandatory in Texas, makes mandatory an ultrasound and thorough discussion about what is occurring in the abortion process, at length. An MD must do the ultrasound and make the fetal heartbeat available to the woman seeking the abortion.

On the news tonight, this doctor said that Dan Patrick’s law was tantamount to attempting to “block the abortion, make it rare, or make it a challenge to use services.” Dan Patrick disagrees and said it is akin to seeing that the woman is well-educated about all aspects of the abortion process and what it actually means.

I’m not sure how this could be a bad thing. How could there be anything whatsoever wrong with making a woman stop and think a little before ending the life of her child?

English: fetus sonogram

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What if this law does make an abortion rare? How is that a negative thing? Don’t we all want this process to be rare as possible, as opposed to a daily thing or a medical process merely for convenience sake?
Pro-lifers want abortion to stop entirely but that is, frankly, unlikely at the present time; but this new law could make abortions something that people really consider before going through with them. Those who are pro-choice should have absolutely no problem with this law because it educates and offers the woman real, thorough choice. She makes her decision to take the life within her after coming “face to face,”(so-to-speak), with the life of that child and the real reality of its existence. How is this not a good thing?

Protrait of State Senator Dan Patrick of Texas

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I don’t see how anyone could think this a negative unless they are attempting to support the deception of the woman seeking the abortion and support her ignorance and denial of the life within her. We need to know what life is and come face to face with that life before we cause it to cease to exist. Abortion should never become a “fast food” commodity that one “drives through” to purchase without a backward thought.

There is a baby’s life being destroyed through this “procedure.” That baby may be undergoing severe distress, pain, and horrific torture due to the procedure, depending upon how far along the mother is in her pregnancy. Women need to be completely informed about everything, in my opinion, before the procedure is made available to them. How can anyone deny this?

Bravo for this law and for offering women a twenty-four hour moment of clarity and self searching before they are legally allowed to take the life of their own child. If this prevents any abortions whatsoever, it has served its purpose, in my opinion.


  1. O please. A huge number of fetuses undergo spontaneous abortion. They get flushed down the toilet or thrown out in the trash. If you really think they are babies, you should address what would be a horrible scandal that is part of God’s plan!

    I personally believe God is right here. Not every fetus is going to become a baby, and it is a sad view that insists they should. Still sader is the view that promotes a fetus to babyhood and robs a woman of her choice.

    By the way, the percentage of spontaneously aborted fetuses is very high, but often debated. Some people put it at around 20%; others much higher.

  2. Hello, and thank you for your interest in this topic and offering your opinion here on this post.

    Personally, I wasn’t discussing spontaneous abortion; I was discussing how this new law harms anyone, or takes anyone’s rights away. How is the new law possibly a negative? How is the requirement that a woman actually view the life that she is choosing to remove from her body something that “robs a woman of her choice?” This argument of yours sounds like a lot of bologna to me. 😉

    Just because nature allows spontaneous abortion does not mean that we should encourage and support a barbaric, painful, uncivilized practice among society, calling it “choice.”

    All of human life should have the same right to “choice,” should it not? Is all human life not equally valid?

  3. I agree with the premise of this — even the most hardcore liberals will tell you that they want less abortions in the world — but it spits right in the face of conservatives’ claim of fiscal responsibility by footing the bill for countless ultrasounds that cost at least $200 bucks a pop. Birth control and comprehensive sex education is a cheaper and more effective method to reduce abortions.

  4. It’s horrifying–Orwellian–how abortion is euphemized (is that a word?) as “women’s health care.” Abortion is really bad for the health of unborn babies. I heard a story on the news today, and the rebuttal to any restrictions on abortion was how this should be a matter between a woman and her doctor, and even that is colossally dishonest because women generally go to abortion clinics to get abortions, not their ob-gyn.

  5. my view on abortions is simple it should be totallt illegle and never be performed there is adoption agencies who will help find a child a loving home with people capable of taking care of a child even if the child is a medically needy child. There are NO excuses for this to be done and no medical reason it should be done. How ever in today’s society women think they have control over their own body and can do as they wish with no consequences what so ever, they are wrong our bodies are God’s and he owns them yes i do have tattoos and want more but that is besides the point. they see nothing wrong and until they are enlightened if you will they will go to any extreme possible to get it done will we put toatal end to it no because they will go to a back alley and get it done but they will be judged accordingly.

  6. Thanks for sharing here, Rambo. You’ve pointed out some of the realities of the world we live in right now. I hope one day people will be able to empathize better with the life that is growing within the pregnant mother’s womb and realize that the child has a right to a life too, once it is conceived.

  7. I don’t think that birth control and sex education are doing enough to reduce abortion. I think this law will help immensely and believe it’s worth the extra cost to save countless lives and prevent God only knows how much pain to the unborn baby that suffers and finally dies in these abortions.

    Here’s a really great blog that discusses this topic at length:

  8. Agreed, Kathleen. Abortion is a very sad alternative and a horrific, barbaric one. I hope humanity can evolve to the point that we recognize this in time.

  9. once the carnal world realizes it is wrong things will change, however they in away do not want to realize the truths written in the bible and the actual existance of God for fear they will be acountable for their actions and judged accordingly.

  10. I am unashamedly anti-abortion, regardless of the circumstances. Call it by any name, but abortion is murder.

    I hadn’t heard of the proposal (I live in Australia) but I support anything that makes a mother-to-be think twice and I think it should be mandatory for her to view pictures (ultrasound) of the child she is about to have murdered. Every life saved would be a bonus and every woman saved from future heartache over her actions would also be a bonus.

  11. […] blogger friend of mine at Life of a Female Bible Warrior sees nothing wrong with a law recently passed in Texas that would require women to undergo […]

  12. I totally understand people who have circumstances where they would not want someone’s baby. Rape is the most obvious, incest, there are several ’emotionally valid’ reasons I think, and I sympathise very much with the unfortunate people who have suffered such things. However, where abortion is concerned, the words of Mother Teresa are unforgettable to me: “abortion is murder — if you do not want your child, give it to me.”

  13. I agree. Well said, JLS.

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