Posted by: the warrioress | July 21, 2012

I wanted to blog something about this, in response to this tragedy, but I finally found a blog that did this better than I ever could. Mr. Park sums everything up concisely.


  1. Wow, I couldn’t agree more ! I read some on-line stuff by atheists taking an opportunity to use this tragedy too. Disgusting! Likewise, as you mention, some Christians are doing the same. Congressman Louie Gohmert (Christian), for instance, implied that God allowed this because local schools removed Christians slogans from their buildings. Ouch!

    We all need to chastise ourselves and call for better behavior. The Friendly Atheist did as you have with your readers, encouraging atheists all not to use tragedy to get on our soap boxes. In his post he quotes an Atheist statement which I also admire. It was made by Ron Lindsay (Atheist) on behalf of the Center for Inquiry (an atheist organization):

    “A tragedy like this reminds us of how fragile and precious this one life of ours really is. What we do every day is significant; we must make use of every opportunity we have to extend love, sympathy, and support to others, and we should never fail and to live up to our highest ethical ideals. We extend our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones, and our sincere wishes for full recoveries for those who were injured.”

    Good post “Warrioress”! I think that when Christians or Atheists try to say more than what Mr. Park (Christian) and Ron Lindsay (Atheist) said, they will usually slide into devicise rhetoric where they forget our common humanity.

    BTW, I did a follow-up post here on my “research” showing why some Atheists may actually prefer hell — check it out and see what you think. I’d love to hear the opinions of some of your Christian readers who may actually agree with some of my points. Agreeing to our common humanity (as this tragedy demands) is part of the theme of that post. (thus the relevance)

  2. Ooops, my last link was back to your blog — sorry.
    Here is the link to my post which your readers may actually “enjoy”.

  3. Sabio,

    This tragedy has really disturbed me, as most of these televised, analyzed horror stories do. There is a surreal quality to them as these things spiral and appear to be happening more and more frequently. I’m just so sad and feeling so much compassion for the survivors and their families, but also feel so helpless. Wish there was more I could do, but all I can do is pray and hope God is comforting them.

  4. I absolutely agree with your title, and am sick of people bringing politics, religion, or whatever topic they want into it with no regard to the victims. Horrible things happen and everyone should be considerate and, excuse my language, just not be an asshole.

  5. Charlie,

    This isn’t showing which post you’re posting your comment to, but I’m assuming it’s to the reblog of “The Way Everlasting’s” (JS Park) posting about the CO. tragedy. I agree with you. Thank you for the comment.

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